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We revolutionize MadTech by giving brands the
power to discover their audiences without
infringing user privacy.

KPI6 Road to #TalentExperience


To simplify the life of marketing teams with real time actionable audience data and allow them to make hyper actionable decisions for their marketing strategies.
We will always put user’s privacy first, granting brands superior audience targeting, enabling transparent audience discovery performance and keeping safe user’s data.


Why does KPI6 want to revolutionise the MadTech world?
Because we want to unify instinctive marketing approaches with data-driven ones, giving marketing departments the power to generate actionable creative campaigns, by using user generated content in real time, while protecting end users data, making them feel safe and confident in creating content on social media in total freedom.

Our main 5 key points

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Show us what you got!

We are always looking for people that share our mission, our vision and culture code.
If you think that could be you, get in touch.

Our Culture Deck

We believe that even in the most difficult paths,
shining talents placed within a virtuous context can only generate
top-performing experiences, for themselves and for those around them.