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The Social Media Monitoring suite that helps you grow a data-driven business

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We created our software to help small and medium businesses be more successful by leveraging Big Data coming from the major social networks.


With full access to Firehose you will be able to intercept any Twitter conversation since 2006 and 500M daily tweets in real time. Dozens of widgets and data visualization filters will help you figure out insights hidden in the data stream and improve your Twitter Marketing.


Imagine having access to the largest public opinion source in the world. Thanks to Facebook Topic Data you can get aggregated insights from billions of daily interactions. Discover  unknown features of your audience and unlock marketing success.

KPI6 helps any business speeding-up decision making with a data-driven approach

Which marketing strategy should be implemented? Who are our leads? How do we evaluate the reach of a product launch, a marketing campaign, a social event? KPI6 finds the answer to all of these questions.


KPI6 gives you instant access to the database of conversations happening daily on the hottest social media platforms.

Monitor real-time conversations as they happen. Explore historical data to identify trends. Never miss an interaction that might impact your business.


Use KPI6 prediction engine to predict future trends based on past social media interactions.

Extract your data of interest. Classify messages with a machine learning process. Never struggle again to find your answers.


Some relevant informations cannot be accessed through traditional social insights. KPI6 will be your ultimate tool for business intelligence.

Monitor your competitors, your market, your product, your audience. KPI6 empowers your business with data as fuel for successful strategic decisions.

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Every day millions of people share their experiences and opinions about people, products, brands and events on Facebook or Twitter. Listening what is being said and analyzing what is important to you, becomes crucial to understanding what really happens.

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