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KPI6 is the all-in-one suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

Analyze your customers on a completely different level and action data to reach your goals.


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Next Generations Consumer Insights

Get immediate consumer insights and understand your audiences via the powerful analysis
of unsolicited consumer opinions, conversations, interests and reactions.


The Consumer Insights Suite Providing You Strategic Advantage

KPI6 is the Consumer Intelligence platform that companies use to best identify consumer needs, critical insights and define audiences.

KPI6 was created to offer a new consumer insights model to be used alone or in combination with other market research tools or companies own data.

We provide the critical strategic insights a company needs to drive innovation, opportunity assessment, strategic planning, segmentation, creative development and media strategy using alternative unsolicited and more relevant sources like online reviews, social and web panels, digital open data and more.

And then our proprietary Artificial Intelligence extracts relevant insights, patterns and more.  So that companies can focus on translating these insights into powerful strategies, breakthrough innovation and laser focused marketing programs.






Interpret user-generated content with media listening

MarketEar offers you the most powerful social & web intelligence tool ever, designed to listen to the most relevant sources and analyze conversations in detail.

It is easy to set up, and easy to use.

This is the first step of our Consumer Intelligence process, leading to a better understanding and segmentation of users and conversations you should care about.

The many shades of brand reputation

Brand X serves as a global benchmarking tool to analyze a brand under different variables.

It might be at the level of brand reputation, or the trust perceived by consumers and citizens, and even the advocacy level about their best products.

The product falls within the market research segment and finds its strength thanks to unsolicited data.

The boutique of Machine Learning

ClassiFire is an Auto-Machine Learning system that offers you a new method to filter and enrich users’ opinions and conversations in a research, in order to monitor an entire industry, a single brand, or enhance a use-case related to customer understanding.

It was born to offer you a classifier algorithm acting as an extension of the mind and the hand of man, capable of grasping irony, double negations, feelings … just like a human being would do.

Paint your audience in a thousand colors!

LookAlike offers you the unique opportunity to enhance your target segments with tons of different data points and insights. We use the “Unique User Profiling technology” for digital audience targeting.

This is Consumer Intelligence at its finest – a powerful representation of an audience, enriched with all the data you need, coming from traditional surveys, panels and market research.

Different tools in a smooth environment

MeshBoard is KPI6 meeting cutting-edge business intelligence platforms such as Google Data Studio and Tableau to provide information, in a holistic way within multipurpose dashboards.

Business intelligence is a blanket term used to describe how corporates collect and visualize raw data. When used in combination with web & social data, it can provide companies additional insights, crossing them in many dimensions and enabling a new concept of real-time, zero-effort reporting, thanks to Data Visualization tools.

The companies we can help

The most successful company categories using KPI6 now.

Brands & Corporates:

Leverage the most reliable intelligence power in the industry, cut down marketing costs and wipe out emerging threats with a smart and predictive approach.

Marketing Agencies:

Find ready-to-use data to win important tenders and pitch sessions, with insights that no competitor of yours can offer, and generate more in-target and effective creativity.

Media Center:

Skyrocket your ROI and performances by directly actioning our data in your DMP, Business Manager and other tools. Explore our cookieless, ID-less methodology to address targeting.

Become a Partner!

Sales Partner:

Become an authorized reseller of our technology: find new customers or re-engage the ones you hold, using the immediate insights delivered by KPI6!

Solution Partner:

Become our partner and work with us in the sales and after-sales phase, placing our software as the very center of your business offer.

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What our customers say

“The huge amount of data produced by the internet and social networks is a very useful source of information for brands but also it could be a barrier that can generate noise and disorientation. Artificial Intelligence and automation generated by KPI6’s proprietary algorithms allow us to extract meaningful data from real people, not cookies: information that we have inserted into the proprietary data platform, Converged, the backbone of our ability to create a Media Experience for all our customers ”

Stefano Spadini

CEO @Havas Media Group

“We are always looking for excellence in each aspect of our business. We are very happy with the collaboration with KPI6. It will allow us to look on online environment to find and analyze the needs of our customers and the strategies of competitors, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.”

testimonial Montanari

Lorenzo Montanari

CEO @Avvera

“We have chosen KPI6 because a fundamental thing for Sky Italia is to understand the sentiment of users, and therefore, how users receive the new service Sky Wifi, rather than the services that were already in use (as TV) and the quality of the broadband service. It is not enough to do ad hoc interviews, but it’s important to gather opinions on social platforms, blogs and so on. To hear the voice of the network”.


Alessio Champier

Service Manager at Sky Italia

“At UTOPIA, we carry the idea that our methodologies and services will increasingly stand out thanks to the digital lobbying and digital advocacy. The use of KPI6 and AI technologies help us both in the implementation of our strategies, and at the same time in our external positioning, characterizing us as the real and unique game-changers of the sector.”


Axel Donzelli

Head of UTOPIA’s Digital Affairs unit

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