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The Digital Consumer Intelligence Platform

KPI6 helps you stay ahead of the curve by understanding and monitoring consumers in real-time.

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Audience Analysis

Enhance marketing with KPI6, the ultimate Audience Analysis research tool

Stay ahead of the competition with audience marketing.
Understand your target audience preferences, user generated content and many others qualitative content to create effective marketing campaigns.

With features like social listening and influencer identification, KPI6 helps you stay on top of trends, identify key advocates, and engage with your audience effectively.
Unlock your potential with KPI6 and take your business to the next level

Our Solutions for your business

Get immediate consumer insights and understand your audiences via
the powerful analysis of unsolicited consumer opinions, conversations,
interests, and reactions

Local Review

The voice of consumers as a driver for your decisions.

Local Review is a software characterized by Artificial Intelligence algorithms capable of analyzing, in real-time, millions of reviews that come from your customers or those of your competition.

With Local Review, you can analyze the real in-store experience of consumers, which will allow you to identify
the strengths and weaknesses of your store.

Local Review KPI6 Solutions

Create effective data driven strategy

MarketEar offers you the most powerful social & web intelligence tool ever, designed to listen to the most relevant sources and analyze conversations in detail. It is easy to set up, and easy to use.

This is the first step of our Consumer Intelligence process, leading to a better understanding and segmentation of users and conversations you should care about.

MarketEar, Create effective data driven strategy

Paint your audience in a thousand colors!

LookAlike offers you the unique opportunity to color the audiences with tons of different data points and insights. We use Unique User Profiling for digital audience targeting.

This is the Consumer Intelligence at its finest – a powerful representation of an audience, enriched with all the data you need, coming from traditional surveys, panels and market research.

LookAlike Paint your audience in a thousand colors!

The boutique of Machine Learning

ClassiFire is an Auto-Machine Learning system that offers you a new method to filter and enrich users’ opinions and conversations in a research, in order to monitor an entire industry, a single brand, or enhance a use-case related to customer understanding.

It was born to offer you a classifier algorithm acting as an extension of the mind and the hand of man, capable of grasping irony, double negations, feelings … just like a human being would do.

Classifire Custom Classification AI

Different tools in a smooth environment

MeshBoard By KPI6 meets cutting edge business intelligence platforms such as Google Data Studio and Tableau to provide information, in a holistic way within multipurpose dashboards. Business intelligence is a blanket term used to describe how corporates collect and visualize raw data.

When used in combination with social media, it can provide companies information such as customer demographics, search habits, and social and purchasing behaviors, thanks to Data Visualization tools.

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Why choose KPI6

Elevate your business with our dedicated team,
flexible technology, and data-driven decisions that save you time and money

Save time and money against traditional market researches.

Using AI to analyze conversational data across Social Media and the web, KPI6 is able to provide insights that would otherwise be impossible to obtain, like monitoring trends, sentiment, interests, behaviors, and more.

It works in real-time and gives you the ability to stay ahead of the competition and know what consumers want at any time.

Save time and money against traditional market researches

Reduce money waste due to bad decisions thanks to consumer analysis

KPI6 will lead your company to a data-driven decision process.
Starting from conversations you will be able to analyze people who generate them.
Discover and analyze every consumer niche you want enriched by more than 5.000 data-points (demographics, interests, habits and behaviors) starting from scratch.

Knowing and monitoring consumers enable you to make more informed decisions about your target market.

Vegan burger Detractors Preferences: Emotion: Primary age range: 45-54 NFL, Black+Decker, Carhart,barbeque Affinity with Budweiser: Very good 85% Disapproval 56% 🤢 Vegan burger Supporter Preferences: Emotion: Primary age range: 35-44 Travels, Pizza, Eurovision, Contest, CNN Affinity with Pepsi: Good 78% Admiration 65% 😍
Reduce money waste due to bad decisions thanks to consumer analysis

Value from day 1: not only a software, but a hyper-skilled team at your service

In your projects you will be supported by a team with more than 5 years of experience in the use of consumer intelligence technologies for large international brands and word’s leader agencies.

Dedicated Team KPI6

Get the power of KPI6 data and AI algorithms trough our Integration and APIs

KPI6 has native connections with traditional Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau and Data Studio to easy share real-time consumer data with your managers and clients.

Furthermore, you can use our APIs to merge and analyze our data with yours or power your platform with our algorithms and data to serve as new business line to your customers.

Power of KPI6 data and AI algorithms

What our customers say

The best quotes from our clients.
Their experience with our product and team.

(admiration 😍)
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avatar 26 - Kpi6 - Stefano S.
Stefano S.

The huge amount of data produced by the internet and social networks is a very useful source of information for brands but also it could be a barrier that can generate noise and disorientation. Artificial Intelligence and automation generated by KPI6’s proprietary algorithms allow us to extract meaningful data from real people, not cookies.

avatar 23 - Kpi6 - Luca P.
Luca P.
Senior Manager

I have used KPI6 to extract strategic insight on different issues and to study audiences’ behaviour and purchase intent on several industry. KPI6 support is costant, professional and timely. It was also useful to highlight strategic trends and new topics of discussion within audiences of interest.

avatar 21 - Kpi6 - Giulia P.
Giulia P.
Brand Manager

The possibility of social listening not only on a superficial level, but to work on data by investigating the nuances and interests of users is priceless for a company’s communication strategy. Our strategy has totally changed since using the platform. We have more precision, of course, but also more questions and more creativity.

avatar 16 - Kpi6 - Antonio M.
Antonio M.
Senior Data Strategy

This rapresent an important starting point to make meaningful focus on what people say, think and feel about a brand, a person or a topic. the opportunity to analize each of this element on two side: analytics (trend, frequence, sentiment, emotions) and audience is a powerful features

avatar 22 - Kpi6 - Andrea Z.
Andrea Z.
Product Manager

KPI6 is a valid tool to get information I need as a support to make decisions about product development. You are 99% of the times able to get valuable drivers in absolutely no time. For instance, I often run research on both social networks and forums to understand people’s frustrations or value points when they talk about a certain product. It’s faster and less expensive than an institutional survey and it lets you get more granular on details of interest or to find new topics to explore. Once you learn how to use it, the only limit is your fantasy and approach. You can really get data about possibly every topic in every part of the world.

avatar 19 - Kpi6 - Karla T.
Karla T.
Data Analyst & Programmatic Activation Mgr Consumer Goods

Ability to get a large amount of data available, with a minimum of effort – Easy to understand UX – Precise and granular data collection – Data visualization clean and clear – Possibility to create your own dashboard – Access to panel data – Ease of obtaining overlap analysis between the different searches / audiences created – All Insights can be actionable in digital campaigns

avatar 25 - Kpi6 - Marco R.
Marco R.
Data & Analytics Manager

It’s a very user-friendly tool. It has a lot of features related to sentiment and emotion analysis, but also it is a great tool to design useful insights on audiences and on relevant topics. The tool offers more insights than the standard platform, and we can analyze better all the data thanks to the data visualization part.

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See live what KPI6 can do for you

Get in touch with one of our analysts to understand how KPI6’s Digital Consumer Intelligence can help your company achieve better results.