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Monitor Markets and Understand People

KPI6 is the all-in-one Marketing platform where Social Listening meets Artificial Intelligence to help you succeed your daily business challenges.

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Download and shape public conversations around the web, then apply Artificial Intelligence to Enrich your Data and deeply understand relevant people for your business.


Avoid the noise and only get the conversations that matter for your business

Set your own operators, then surgically filter your query results to segment the most valuable profiles and build multi-purpose lists of qualified users


There’s so much more about your users than their bio

Get Insights on your audiences to figure out what lies behind public conversations: needs, values, interests, demographics and all you need to build relationships with them.

Technologies are complex, but solutions need to be simple

KPI6 will support your marketing department across all of these common Use Cases

Social Lead Generation

Catch purchase intent on Social Media. Gather interests, hobbies, and understand behavioral patterns of those who express a need for your product. Find the best hooks to engage with your next customer

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Influencer Marketing

Set all the rules you need to detect hardcore testimonials, real people that really matter in your business. Know them one by one to understand who they are and build strong relationships

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Competitive Intelligence

Govern your competitive landscape and identify dynamics among people who interact with your competitors. Enrich information about other players to turn strengths and weaknesses into your own advantage

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Crisis Management

Identify threats and detractors for your brand. Get notified in real-time whenever a crisis breaks out to straighten your #EpicFail out or to overtake competitor’s mistakes if the chance arises

Brand Reputation

Squeeze out the conversations about your brand and your industry. Regularly measure your brand’s perception to correctly spread your unique positioning. Understand who loves you

Content Strategy

Understand your market in a snapshot and execute a Data-Driven content plan. See what is already relevant for your audience and ride powerful content straight to your niche

Different challenges, same goals

Whether you are an agency or a big brand, you will be able to support your marketing assumptions with real world data


You will provide new advanced services to your customers through social intelligence powered by cutting-edge technology.

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Increase your revenues and cut marketing costs through better quality leads, thanks to a non-opinionated planning process.

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Success stories

Let your Social Media Intelligence reach the Next Level.

Michelangelo, Marketing manager, 47Deck
KPI6 enhanced the work of our digital team in Social Media Intelligence solutions.
A must-have tool-kit for marketers who really need to transform social media conversations into strategic insights and marketing actions.
Antonio, Digital PM, Sinfonia Performance

Thanks to KPI6 Academy we will be able to handle more customers simultaneously among various industries. In few clicks, we get the answers we are looking for.

You’re few clicks away from discovering what your audiences think

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