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Data Intelligence Adventure - Fashion Industry & Geomarketing


Fashion Industry & Geomarketing


Welcome to the fourth episode of our Digital Intelligence Adventures, in this episode we will enter the fashion and fashion luxury sector, analyzing from the strategic point of view of Geomarketing.

Marketing based on geolocation information, such as the location of customers, their routes or the places where they have made purchases, offers new opportunities to innovate and differentiate the commercial offer of retailers. Furthermore, through the new horizons offered by the Audience Consumer Insights, the strategies and analysis are further expanded.

We will have the pleasure of addressing and deepening the topic together with a special guest from Deloitte, Giovanni Faccioli. Entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in the cognitive and AI world, Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence also Founder of ICare, Partner Deloitte Italia, leader for fashion & luxury in Italy.

Alberto Nasciuti and Andrea Zanotti, respectively CEO and CMO of KPI6, will also be present.

We will be able to analyze the applications of strategies and marketing that allow to analyze in depth the consumer behavior in certain locations, think of the analysis applied to Montenapoleone District in Milan, Fifth Avanue in New York, or the fashion districts of London and Paris.

Curious? Come and discover it at our new stop of Data Intelligence Adventures.

Speaker Alberto Nasciuti
Alberto Nasciuti


Picture of Andrea Zanotti
Andrea Zanotti


Picture of Giovanni Faccioli
Giovanni Faccioli

Partner @ Deloitte

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