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Data Intelligence Adventures - Digital Market Research


Digital Market Research


Welcome to the 3rd episode of our Digital Intelligence Adventures! This time, we face a topic that binds the present to an evolution that can only be obtained through the digital: we are about to explore the world of Market Research.

This industry includes almost every part of a customer’s life, and it offers the mirror through which a company can see a reflection of the segment and target it wants to analyze, in every detail that can be analyzed via market research.

Today’s guest is Nicola Aufiero, Customer Insights COO at Praxidia, a leader in the field of Consumer Insights. It helps companies in their mission to offer their customers a wonderful Customer Experience, in order to become the best in their industries.

We will dig down the subjects and analyze case studies where market research has been the compass of all those companies that managed to use it at its full potential.

We will also show you the integration between Digital & Market Research, combining an audience that comes from digital data and market research insights, obtained by studying the very same target (or audience).

That is made possible thanks to Global Web Index, the largest digital market research company in the world, integrated with KPI6’s platform.

Alberto Nasciuti and Marco Parolin, respectively CEO and COO of KPI6, will also attend as the webinar leaders.

Speaker Alberto Nasciuti
Alberto Nasciuti


Picture of Marco Parolin
Marco Parolin


Picture of Nicola Aufiero
Nicola Aufiero

COO Customer Insights @ Praxidia

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