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Data Intelligence
Adventures - Data Journalism

After the major success of our first webinar, KPI6 is proud to announce the new episode of the Data Intelligence Adventure.

This time, we’ll travel through the journalism and information world, where data can represent the true innovation for media and in the way the analyze, communicate and further explore news.

Welcome to Data Journalism.

In this webinar, we’ll feature a special guestSalvatore IppolitoCEO in AGI, one of the most important and historical press agencies in Italy, and ex Country Manager Italy at Twitter.

We’ll have the opportunity to dig down the topic and to analyze national and international case studies, together with Alberto Nasciuti – CEO & Co-Founder of KPI6 and Massimo Fellini – Data Journalism Director at KPI6.

We’ll answer questions like:

What can social media analytics do for press information?

Where is the line between data and the journalist’s approach?

Alberto Nasciuti


Massimo Fellini

Data Journalism Director @ KPI6

Salvatore Ippolito


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Are you curious?

Come and find more in the new episode of Data Intelligence Adventures 🙂


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