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KPI6 is the all-in-one suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

Analyze your customers on a completely different level and action data to reach your goals.


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Data Intelligence Adventures - Data Driven Creativity

After the great praise received by our new vision and new product, KPI6 launches its format dedicated to Events and Webinars. We will talk about the world of Digital Consumer Intelligence through the various Adventures that we will tell you about with our partners and customers who will be our guests from time to time.

Welcome to “KPI6 – Data Intelligence Adventures“!

In this first episode, we will introduce you to the intriguing and widely discussed topic of Data Driven Creativity.

In order to do it in the best way, we will be honored to have as a guest Germano Calvi Head of Research and Data Science of MSL Group (Publicis Italy), with whom we will address one of the most debated topics in the world of agencies and communication: bringing together data and creativity, avoiding the risk of suffocating the latter.

We will be able to see specific use cases for brands and successful campaigns where the data strategy played the role of the winning card.

A few clues: what can a contraceptive manufacturer, an analysis of social conversations and ISTAT data have in common?

Alberto Nasciuti


Marco Parolin


Germano Calvi

Head of Research e Data Science @ Publicis Communications

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Are you curious?

Come and find more during our first stop in Data Intelligence Adventures 🙂


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