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Crisis management & Coronavirus - Fashion industry


Fashion industry


The crisis caused by Coronavirus begins to produce the first effects, many trades are and will be affected by direct or indirect effects. This is why prediction tools, not only for monitoring, but especially for the strategic study of the intervention times are fundamental.

For this reason Deloitte & KPI6 have joined forces in order to develop a strategic approach for the fashion industry. Through active and constant monitoring in the area of web and social conversations crossed with data sources such as OMS, we are able to accurately verify the impact and dimensions of the crisis caused by CONVID-19 and in particular we will see it as regards the Fashion Industry and the Brands that represent it.

Therefore, measure this “social Coronavirus fever” that prevents and limits the fashion customer in his purchasing behavior. Impact then on Audience, consumers, and through the application of mathematical models also predicting the spread of the impact over time, arriving to calculate and then predict the moment of “rise”, it means the precise moment in which consumers will return to normal consumption standards.

This will be the most important moment to exploit the recovery and therefore invest important resources in communication and advertising in your brand. We decided to create a special edition of our webinars because of the importance of the topic and the strategies that characterize it, applicable not only to the Fashion industry.

We will discuss it together with: Saverio Serafino – Customer Analytics Lead @ Deloitte Digital, Giovanni Faccioli – Leader Fashion & Luxury @ Deloitte, Alberto Nasciuti and Andrea Zanotti, respectively CEO and CMO of KPI6, will also be present.

Picture of Giovanni Faccioli
Giovanni Faccioli

Partner @ Deloitte

Picture of Saverio Serafini
Saverio Serafino

Customer Analytics Lead @ Deloitte

Speaker Alberto Nasciuti
Alberto Nasciuti


Picture of Andrea Zanotti
Andrea Zanotti


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