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Data Intelligence Adventures - Cookieless Advertising Future


Cookieless Advertising Future


Welcome to the fifth episode of our Digital Intelligence Adventures, in this episode we will talk about advertising future scenarios.
Advertising world need to brace itself, the end of cookie is coming!
The topic is on fire, Google announced that 2022 is the final deadline to block third-party cookie on Chrome, Safari and Mozilla already did it, the future is unclear.
But in KPI6 we believe we have some tricks up our sleeve, and we are ready to introduce them to you with two very special guests:

Matteo Ferrando – Senior Full Stack Consultant @ GroupM
Chiara Brunelli – Head of Biddable & Ecommerce lead @ GroupM

We will therefore be able to discuss with them the details of these topics that are so much discussed, but which still has unexplored scenarios and futures. We will see and analyze together some innovative adv campaigns in terms of strategy and approach and which can represent the future (and present) standard of the market.
There will also be Nasciuti Alberto and Andrea Zanotti, respectively CEO and CMO of KPI6.

Register here, to watch our webinar.

Speaker Alberto Nasciuti
Alberto Nasciuti


Picture of Andrea Zanotti
Andrea Zanotti


Picture of Matteo Ferrando
Matteo Ferrando

Senior Full Stack Consultant @ groupM

Picture of Chiara Brunelli
Chiara Brunelli

Head of Biddable & Ecommerce lead @ groupM

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Come and find more in this episode of Data Intelligence Adventures 🙂


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