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Learn how to level up your business marketing strategy with Social Media Listening

KPI6 helps your business speed up decision making through a data-driven approach

Which marketing strategy should be implemented? Who are your leads? How do we evaluate the reach of a product launch or a marketing campaign or a social event? KPI6 finds the answer to all these questions.


KPI6 gives you instant access to the database conversations happening daily on the hottest social media platforms.

Monitor real-time conversations as they happen. Explore historical data to identify trends. Never miss an interaction that might impact your business.


Use KPI6 prediction engine to uncover future trends based on past social media interactions.

Extract the data that most interests you. Classify messages with a machine learning process. Never struggle to find your answers anymore.


Some relevant information cannot be produced through traditional social insights. KPI6 will be your ultimate tool for business intelligence.

Monitor your competitors, your markets, your products, your audiences. KPI6 empowers your business with data, fuelling successful strategic decisions.

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