Real-time Consumer analysis and Buyer Personas discovery

LookAlike allows you to build the perfect Buyer Personas: use AI to find and target potential customers without having any first-party information.

With LookAlike, simply starting from a Topic, Brand, or interest, you will be able to get an audience analysis with more than 5.000 data points such as interests, behaviors, demographics, purchase habits, media consumption, and more.

With LookAlike you can build detailed personas based on interests, demographics and psychographics enriched with more than 5.000 characteristics. Having a strong understanding of your audience allows you to create more powerful and effective strategies.

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LookAlike use cases to unfold

We make Marketers and Strategists life easier

Audience Definition

Get a complete understanding of your target and find new markets opportunities and partnership ideas.

Advertising – segmentation & targeting

Drive your advertising with the best cookie-less insight. Engage your target like a sniper and save budget.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand your competitor’s audiences to gain market share.

Audience Comparison

Observe differences among audiences to find the best matching between consumers and your products or values.

A unique toolset to understand audience analysis

LookAlike has the only Artificial Intelligence in the world able to show you this unique combination of insights.
A complete enrichment will skyrocket your knowledge and understanding of relevant audiences, target customers, influencers and much more. And, of course, in a few clicks.

Demographic Get insights about your target’s gender, location, age and language.
Job Positions Discover their employment status, industries and income levels.
Personality A deep understanding of people’s personality characteristics, needs, and values.
Behaviors Explore data like assets, attitudes, interests, sports, travel tendencies. Discover how the audience interact with brands and its consumption behaviors.
Interests Find what they love to do and talk about, and resonate with them.

What our customers say

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(admiration 😍)
Stefano Spadini
CEO @Havas Media Group

“The huge amount of data produced by the internet and social networks is a very useful source of information for brands but also it could be a barrier that can generate noise and disorientation. Artificial Intelligence and automation generated by KPI6’s proprietary algorithms allow us to extract meaningful data from real people, not cookies.”

Luca Passoni
Senior Manager @PwC Italy

“I have used KPI6 to extract strategic insight on different issues and to study audiences’ behaviour and purchase intent on several industry. KPI6 support is costant, professional and timely. It was also useful to highlight strategic trends and new topics of discussion within audiences of interest.”

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