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Understand People to Enrich your Data and paint a picture making you deeply connected with your audience.

Every person is different and unique. Social intelligence isn’t about data or numbers, it’s about understanding people. KPI6 digests conversations and enforces Artificial Intelligence.

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Boost engagement by audiences interests

Let’s make your audiences your competitive advantage. Find communities, create deep connections and make better content for your target. Connecting people is all about tailoring and sharing the right content.

Uncover hidden traits of your audience

Personality, values and needs are the people building blocks which drive behavior throughout their whole life. Uncover hidden traits of your audience and make your first step towards a new communication era.

From data to audience in just one click

Unlock the power of bio words, psychographics, interests and keywords. Export your custom audience built with KPI6 for targeted advertising. You won’t need expensive market research anymore. From data to audience in just one click.

Different challenges, same goals

Whether you are an agency or a big brand, you will be able to support your marketing assumptions with real world data.

Crisis Management

Competitive Analysis

Social Lead Generation

Influencer Marekting

Content Strategy

You’re few clicks away from discovering what your audiences think

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