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KPI6 is the all-in-one suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

Analyze your customers on a completely different level and action data to reach your goals.

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In striking market research we trust

KPI6 is a fast-growing company, always thirsty for innovation.

Diversity, Training, Smart Working, Personal Growth

Our Mission:

Empower companies to know consumers better than they know themselves

Our Vision:

With KPI6 insights, companies will understand and respond to consumer needs in real-time delighting consumers and generating exponential growth and value

Our Values:

KPI6 was born in the region of Emilia Romagna in Italy's heart, the University of Bologna's birthplace, the oldest University in the world and innovators like Ferrari, which have shaped our company DNA of relentless curiosity, innovation, speed, passion and humanity. We believe that our world is dynamic; change is constant and will happen anywhere and spread like wildfire; this is why our global team works remotely from Milan to Rome to San Francisco. We want to be part of this new world, remaining focused on the centrality of people that work with us and their quality of life.


2015, European Union (EU)


20 +

What Type of People Join KPI6?

A global citizen you may come from any country in the world, you have traveled and embraced different cultures, you are curious, passionate and you are a team player.  The success of the team and your teammates is as important to you as your own career because you know that you can’t succeed alone.  You thrive in a fast-moving and ambiguous environment and adaptability may be one of your most important skills.


We Love Colorful World!

Different, accessible, and inclusive: that’s how we like to define our team. KPI6 is an increasingly welcoming workplace that cares for each individual. We are promoting colorful teams, focused on building a workforce that best represents our society, ensuring that every employee feels as if he really belongs to KPI6.
Promote intergenerational exchange, improve work-life balance, eliminate gender, cultural and sexual orientation gaps: we support everything that society sees as “different”, because diversity is equality and part of our growth and success.


Stay Hungry, Stay Updated!

We believe in continuous team training and updating, through courses, participation in events, hackathons, seminars, networking activities. All this is necessary to empower the person (not only the worker) is at the center of our mindset.
But it’s not enough: we are curious, with a constant hunger for knowledge, with the desire to transmit know-how among the team members. We are always available for a chat, to hold training courses, speeches in sector events and relations with public and private entities.

Smart Working

Together and Sustainable anywhere we want!

We believe in the maximum convergence between personal and work goals. We give our team complete freedom to choose the desk from which to carry out their business. We break the traditional constraints related to staticity, leaving people more autonomous, preferring the orientation to results over the traditional approach to control. We achieve the results together, celebrating all the goals reached, even if we are not close; remember this, everybody contributes to the company’s growth. What about our choice to work as smart workers? Not only to give more freedom but to also give, in our small way, a contribution to the environment. The world is our office and our home.

Personal Growth

Let’s Join the Keyers Revolution!

Get a look at all the job positions and take part in our cultural revolution. You will immediately enter into the heart of the team for which you will apply, supported by one of our trainers; but that’s not ended, you will be able to move from one team to another, to see the different company’s units and to learn everything you really love. Your heterogeneous and transversal growth is our real boost to getting bigger.

We are always looking for people that share our vision of work and life. If
you think that could be you, get in touch.

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