KPI6 – Digital Consumer Intelligence

KPI6 is the all-in-one suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

Analyze your customers on a completely different level and action data to reach your goals.

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Discover audiences that are relevant to your company and get tons of extra insights with our Artificial Intelligence to get perfect user profiling!

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Paint your audience in a thousand colors!

LookAlike offers you the unique opportunity to color the audiences with tons of different data points and insights. We use Unique User Profiling for digital audience targeting.

This is the Consumer Intelligence at its finest – a powerful representation of an audience, enriched with all the data you need, coming from traditional surveys, panels and market research

LookAlike use cases to unfold

Audience Definition

Get a complete understanding of your target audience with our powerful AI.

Advertising Strategy

Drive your advertising with the best insights. Engage your best target and save budget.

Data-driven Tendering

Win tenders with important customers thanks to a solid data validation.

Audience Comparison

Learn the differences among clusters or understand how your audience types are evolving.

A unique toolset to understand audience analysis

LookAlike has the only Artificial Intelligence in the world able to show you this unique combination of insights.

A complete enrichment will skyrocket your knowledge and understanding of relevant audiences, target customers, influencers and much more.

And, of course, in a few clicks.


Get insights about your target's gender, age and language.


Use our AI technology to unveil their traits.


Find what they love to do and talk about, and resonate with them.

Job Positions

Discover their employment status, industries and income levels.

Consumer lifestyle

Explore data like assets, attitudes, interests, sports, travel tendencies. Discover how the audience interact with brands and its consumption behaviors.

Your audiences can be further enriched in KPI6 by using data coming from market research, online panels and surveys. These sources offer about 2000 data points that will provide you a reliable, complete image of the audience insights you need to understand. The integration is performed by KPI6’s Artificial Intelligence, so it’s 100% reliable and effective.

A different product to satisfy each need of your market

KPI6 is the suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

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