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If you publish information on publicly available websites or social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), KPI6 may have collected Personal Data about you. This is because KPI6 operates a service that collects publicly available information from the Internet, analyzes it, puts it in a database, and offers access to its database, along with analytics, to companies who want to understand how consumers react to their brand and campaigns online.

All the information we collect is already publicly available. The information is also information that you chose to publish online – we just collect it, index it, and put it all in the same place. This makes the data easier to search for what people are talking about online, and what they think of certain brands.

We know how valuable your privacy is to you. You can trust us to handle it carefully. We work to keep your Personal Data secure, and we place restrictions on our customers’ use of the data they access through us.

Also remember: you are in control of your data. First, you have choices about what you post online, the platforms you use, and the privacy settings that apply to your posts. Second, you have legal rights depending on where you live and on our legal obligations. For example, you can ask us to show you what data we have about you, make us correct that data if it is inaccurate, and even ask us to delete or stop using the data.

This privacy statement addresses how we handle the personally identifiable information (“Personal Data”) that KPI6 collects and processes about individual authors of online content (“Author”, “you” or “your”) through the Services that we offer to our customers.

Subjects of interest for this statement

This privacy statement applies to you if you publish information on publicly available websites (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit etc.) that we collect data from.

KPI6's identity and purposes

We are Srl, and we trade as KPI6 (“we”, “us” or “KPI6”). Our registered office address is at Via P. Togliatti 5/C, 42048 Rubiera (RE), Italy. Our company number is 02687020350.

There is no subsidiary acting in our name.

We act as the data controller of the Personal Data that we process about you.

Reasons to collect data and sources we use

We collect and collate information that is publicly available on the Internet. If you can be identified from this information, and it relates to you, then it will be your Personal Data. For example, your name or username in connection with your Twitter or Facebook profile or the content of your public posts on these sites would be your Personal Data.

In a nutshell, this is how we work: we collect and index publicly available information from the Internet. We get data via search crawling or by contracting directly with content providers and data resellers to gain access to data from them. In each case, the only information that we have access to is information that Authors like you published or made available publicly. This information is then collected, indexed, and stored in our database. We offer access to our database, as well as analytics of the data within that database, to customers (our “Services”). This allows our customers to learn more about their brand, their consumers, their competitors, and act with more certainty in their marketing decisions.

The following graphic depicts how our Services work.


Typology of data we collect

Personal data you publish

While all Personal Data we collect about you comes from publicly available sources, the categories of Personal Data we collect depends on the source of the data, what the source or platform chooses to make available to us, plus what you choose to make publicly available. The Personal Data that we collect could include the following categories and examples:

  • Identification Information: your name, username, handle, or other identifier;
  • Content Information: the content you have published via that name, username, handle, or other identifier, (e.g. comments, expressions, opinions, posts, etc.);
  • Audio/Visual Information: your profile picture or other images or videos that you post or interact with;
  • Employment Information: your job title or profession (including category of profession, for example “journalist”);
  • Demographic Information: your interests and gender; and
  • Geolocation Information: your location.

Personal data we infer about you
We may also analyze the Personal Data you have published to infer other Personal Data about you and provide our analysis to our customers. For example:

When we infer data about you, we do so automatically, based on each individual post. We do not look at multiple posts in combination, and our algorithms analyse each of your posts individually.

How we use personal data

Primary use

We principally use each of the categories of your Personal Data referenced above to offer our Services to our customers. We do not use algorithms to make automated decisions about you in violation of applicable law or in a way that produces a significant legal effect. In other words, we only make data (inferred or not) and analytics available to our customers. Our legal basis for this type of data processing is that we have a legitimate interest in running our business and providing our Services to our customers. Whenever we process data that has sensitive Personal Data in it, we do so only because you have made that information public. In addition to our uses of your Personal Data, our customers also have a legitimate interest in accessing this data in order to understand their customer base and engagement with their brands.

Secondary use

We also use each of the categories of Personal Data referenced above in ways related, but ancillary, to the Services that we offer. For example, we may use the data to:

  • improve our services;
  • comply with our legal obligations;
  • enforce our rights, including the legal obligations or enforcement of rights of third parties.
For how much time your personal data is stored

We will keep your Personal Data for as long as it is necessary for us to provide the Services.

However, if you request that we delete your data, or if you delete your data from the platform in which it was originally published (and that platform indicates the deletion to us), we will also delete your data from our Services.

We may not be able to comply with a request to delete your data is we are required to retain the data according to applicable law.

Subjects we could share your personal data with

Any member of our company group
We may share your Personal Data as described in section 4 above with our subsidiaries, parent companies, and affiliates.

Unaffiliated entities
We may share your Personal Data as described in section 4 above with selected unaffiliated entities for our business purposes, including the following:

  • customers – for the purpose of providing our Services (as explained above);
  • business partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors – for the performance of any contract we enter into with them;
  • analytics, ISPs, and search engine providers – for analytics and improving our website and Services;
  • prospective buyers – if a third party acquires us or our assets, your Personal Data may be part of the transferred company or assets.

As mentioned, part of our Services involves offering access to our database and analytics to customers who want to understand how consumers react to their brand and campaigns online. Our sharing of the categories of Personal Data described above through our Services is likely to be considered “selling” Personal Data under certain data privacy laws.

You always have the right to opt out of the this kind of sharing of your Personal Data for the purposes described above. Please see below for information on these rights and how to exercise them.

Ways and tools we use to protect your personal data

 Secure servers
The servers that hold your data have administrative, technical, and physical controls to safeguard your data, including industry-standard encryption technology.

Usage restrictions
We prohibit our customers from using your Personal Data:

  • to target and profile you on the basis of sensitive categories of Personal Data (e.g. health status, sexual orientation, political beliefs, etc.);
  • to single out individuals for unlawful or discriminatory purposes;
  • in any way that goes against the law, including data protection law.

If other entities process your Personal Data, we ensure there are adequate contractual and operational safeguards in place.

Dove vengono conservati i vostri dati

Potremmo trasferire i vostri Dati personali in un paese diverso dal vostro e conservarli in tale paese.
Il paese in questione potrebbe non garantire lo stesso livello di protezione dei dati del vostro paese.
Ogni volta che trasferiamo i vostri dati al di fuori dello Spazio Economico Europeo o del Regno Unito, adotteremo misure per garantire che siano messe in atto misure di salvaguardia adeguate per proteggere i vostri dati personali e per assicurarci che siano trattati in modo sicuro.
L’utente può contattarci per ottenere un riepilogo delle misure di salvaguardia da noi adottate per proteggere i suoi dati personali e i suoi diritti alla privacy in queste circostanze.

Diritti e scelte in materia di privacy

Le vostre scelte
Come autore, siete il creatore dei dati personali e avete il controllo diretto su ciò che decidete di pubblicare pubblicamente online.
Potete sempre controllare le impostazioni sulla privacy disponibili su tutte le piattaforme che utilizzate per pubblicare contenuti online, anche per rendere privato il vostro profilo.
È necessario leggere le dichiarazioni sulla privacy fornite dalle piattaforme su cui si pubblicano i contenuti.

I vostri diritti
Potreste avere alcuni diritti in relazione ai vostri dati in base alla legge sulla privacy applicabile. A seconda della legge applicabile, potete:

  • richiedere l’accesso ai Dati personali in nostro possesso;
  • chiederci di aggiornare, rettificare, cancellare, rinunciare alla vendita o bloccare i vostri dati personali;
  • richiedere l’interruzione dell’utilizzo dei dati personali in nostro possesso;
  • presentare un reclamo sull’utilizzo dei vostri dati personali da parte nostra all’autorità per la privacy del paese in cui vivete. Se avete un reclamo sulle nostre pratiche di trattamento dei dati, speriamo che ci contattiate prima, in modo da avere la possibilità di risolvere i vostri problemi;
  • non essere discriminati per l’esercizio dei propri diritti alla privacy.

Si prega di notare che non è sempre possibile soddisfare tutte le richieste. Ad esempio, dobbiamo conservare determinati registri per motivi di rendicontazione finanziaria e conformità o per continuare a fornirvi i Servizi. Per esercitare uno di questi diritti, porci domande, esprimere dubbi o richiedere una copia della presente dichiarazione in un formato diverso, si prega di inoltrare una richiesta verificabile a noi tramite:

Solo voi, o una persona da voi autorizzata ad agire per vostro conto, potete presentare una richiesta relativa ai vostri Dati personali. È possibile presentare una richiesta verificabile anche per conto di un figlio minore o di un protetto. Se l’utente presenta una richiesta tramite un agente autorizzato, quest’ultimo deve presentare un’autorizzazione scritta e firmata ad agire per suo conto e potrebbe essere richiesto di verificare autonomamente la sua identità con noi.

Al fine di proteggere i vostri dati personali, potremmo chiedere a voi o al vostro agente autorizzato di fornire ulteriori dati personali in modo da poter verificare la vostra identità. Tutte le informazioni fornite saranno utilizzate solo per confermare l’identità dell’utente e completare la sua richiesta. Al fine di proteggere i vostri dati personali, se non possiamo verificare la vostra identità, non saremo in grado di soddisfare la vostra richiesta.

Una volta inoltrata la richiesta, ci si può aspettare una prima risposta da parte del Team Privacy di KPI6 entro un tempo ragionevole, a seconda del luogo di residenza. Salvo i casi in cui la legge non lo richieda o lo consenta, qualsiasi informazione in nostro possesso vi sarà fornita in un formato facilmente accessibile e portatile una volta ricevuta la vostra richiesta verificabile. Rispetteremo la tempistica di risposta appropriata per il vostro caso, a seconda del luogo in cui vivete. Se necessario, possiamo richiedere un tempo aggiuntivo in conformità alla legge applicabile.

Residenti in California

Le categorie di informazioni personali (come definite dal CCPA) sui residenti in California che possiamo raccogliere e divulgare a terzi per uno scopo commerciale sono elencate e descritte nella sezione “Tipologia di dati che raccogliamo”. Raccogliamo queste categorie per le finalità descritte nella sezione “Come utilizziamo i dati personali” e con le parti descritte nella sezione “Soggetti con cui potremmo condividere i vostri dati personali”. Non vendiamo informazioni personali in senso tradizionale, anche se ci occupiamo di pubblicità online. Per le opzioni e le possibilità di scelta, consultare questa sezione e la nostra Politica sui cookie.

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