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C-Trust Index

CTI is a day-by-day indicator of Italian consumers trust, emotions and propensity to spend.
A data-driven way out to overcome the Coronavirus emergency, together.
Powered by PwC and KPI6.

What is Consumer Trust Index?

In order to overcome the COVID-19 emergency, companies need to understand their customers more deeply, in real time.

PwC and KPI6 developed the Consumer Trust Index to accomplish that task. CTI is a real-time indicator of how consumer trust, intended as positivity, sentiment and willingness to buy, evolves day-by-day. It resembles classic trust indexes, but it offers timely insights, collected with a non-solicited, reliable methodology.

Moreover, the index takes into account any kind of industries and brand: these additional insights can drive a brand’s strategies towards its short- and medium-term goals: minimize losses, retain customers, and recover faster once the crisis is over.

Our goal is to give our contribution to the Italian economy, proving a powerful ally that will stay useful even after the current crisis is ended.

COVID-19 Specific Indicators

This is where we monitor people’s opinions and reactions about the COVID-19 outbreak.
A useful environment to interpret trends and to anticipate the crisis’ end.

``When will the quarantine end?``

When the quarantine is going to end, according to Italians on social networks. This is an “unsolicited survey” we got by listening to social network data.

Most common words & hashtags

Above, you can see the most recurring words and hashtags in COVID-19-related posts It is an excellent first step to intercept upcoming trends.

How Customer Trust index will prove relevant to your business

Real-time insights on market's reactions to events, as they happen
Understanding of the drivers that move customers trust
Detailed analysis of the scenario and how it will evolve in the future
Anticipation of hidden trends and upcoming opportuities
Cluster analysis of the people who are talking about your brand
Actions required to drive the change and to end the crisis

Multiple indexes for specific needs

Global CTI

A nation-by-nation index that takes into account the general perception of consumer trust in the whole market.

Industry CTI

A focus on specific industries, showing valuable insights like performances, top trends and competitive landscape.

Brand CTI

A ultra-narrow drill down to get a dedicated view on the most profitable actions to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

Consumer Trust Index - Industry panel

See how your specific industry is performing. Compare them with the other ones.
Use our data to get the best out of your market right now.

Automotive manufacturing

What is the trust level we can register for the manufacturing industry today? How do users and fans behave whan they refer to the most famous brands?

Real estate and social innovation

What is the trust level we can register for the food & beverage industry today? Did the industry leverage the “run to the shelves” period in order to maximize revenues?

Can't see your industry ?

Suggest us an industry you would like to see here.
Our goal is to provide the highest possible value to companies that visit our index and you can help us offer this value.
We will collect the feedback from you and the other visitors and we will soon show the indexes of the most requested industries.

Get ready for the next step: check your brand's performances

We can provide you timely reports to understand how your brand is performing in your specific industry.

The report also shows trends, opportunities, suggestions on how to avoid losing money and to stay top-of-mind in your customers’ consideration funnel.

Most importantly, receive our projections on when the Consumer Trust Index will be back to post-crisis values.
This will allow you to recover faster and to get an unfair advantage on your competitors.

A PwC and KPI6 partnership
to support our economy

Consumer Trust Index is born from a common vision, shared by PwC and KPI6.
We believe that Italian brands will be able to overcome the crisis thanks to their expertise and entrepreneurial ability, combined with their empathetic understanding of their customers.
We offer them the power of data to help them recover faster.
Our Index will provide timely answers, sound strategies and wonderful results.
Minimize losses and drive a brilliant recover in the next months. Together with us.

Methodology & Benchmark

The Consumer Trust Index generates from a dataset built with public data coming from the web, social networks and similar sources.

The entire dataset is weighted with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. For example, we run an Emotional Spectrum Extraction on social content, which returns the different human emotions to us. We then weight and aggregate them with the other insights that compound the CTI.

The aggregation itself is performed by Artificial Intelligence too, in order to predict the best weights to match our initial measurements.

The index has already been validated by running a sound benchmarking with real world data.

All the information you need to get your brand out of the COVID-19 emergency.

Take a look at the specific insights we can provide on industries and specific brands.

Our reports will allow you to:

Understand your customers’ emotions and confidence day by day
Intercept the most relevant trends and use them for your goals
Pinpoint in your roadmap when the market is going to get back to pre-crisis levels, allowing you to move with an unfair advantage over your competitors

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