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KPI6 is the all-in-one suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

Analyze your customers on a completely different level and action data to reach your goals.


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C-TI is a day-by-day indicator of Italian drivers’ trust, emotions and propensity to spend.

A new data-driven way for reaC-TIng through the constant evolution of normality concept.

Product Categories

The graph shows how the distribution of the volume of social and web conversations about product range, type of engines and type of cars models changed in the last months.

Discover the best way to understand the automotive industry and the “new normal” consumers dynamics.

Take a look at the specific insights we can provide on industries and specific brands.

Our reports will allow you to:
Understand your customers’ emotions and confidence day by day
Identify the most relevant trends and take advantage of them to reach your goals
Pinpoint in your roadmap when the market is going to get back to pre-crisis levels, allowing you to move with a significant advantage over your competitors

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