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C-Trust Index

For Consumers, Citizens and Corporate Understanding, in the New Normal era

Powered by PwC and KPI6

C-TI is a day-by-day indicator of Italian drivers’ trust, emotions and propensity to spend.
A new data-driven way for reaC-TIng through the constant evolution of normality concept.

The chart show the consumer trust over time. It is calculated considering sentiment and emotion detected among the conversation contents of social networks and web users.

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What is the C-Trust Index?

The world is no longer the same as it was before. From week to week, new concepts of normality follow one another and companies as well as institutions are hunting for sudden changes in consumers’ and citizen behaviour.

PwC and KPI6 developed the C-Trust Index to accomplish this task. C-TI is a day-by-day real-time indicator of how consumer and citizen trust evolve, in terms of positive sentiment (a field of Natural Language Processing which aims to extract and give value to the opinions present in the texts) and propensity to spend.
It resembles conventional trust indexes, but it offers timely insights, collected with a non-solicited, reliable methodology in order to help clients in sailing through uncertainty; by providing a powerful tool to gather insights on emerging preferences and trends.

C-TI and several related data insight allow you to act in real time and more effeC-TIvely leveraging emerging trends and technologies, optimize marketing strategies and aC-TIvate a constant monitoring of your brand’s performance against its competitors, identify the most relevant issues to plan operations improvement aC-TIvities, manage complaints and improve customer loyalty.

our methodology
schema c-trust index

Consumer Trust Index - Industry panel

See how your specific industry is performing. Compare them with the other ones.
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Automotive manufacturing

How Customer Trust index
will prove relevant to your business

Real-time insights on market's reactions to events, as they happen
Understanding of the drivers that move customers trust
Detailed analysis of the scenario and how it will evolve in the future
Anticipation of hidden trends and upcoming opportuities
Cluster analysis of the people who are talking about your brand
Actions required to drive the change and to end the crisis

Methodology & Benchmark

The Consumer Trust Index generates from a dataset built with public data coming from the web, social networks and similar sources.

The entire dataset is weighted with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. For example, we run an Emotional Spectrum Extraction on social content, which returns the different human emotions to us. We then weight and aggregate them with the other insights that compound the CTI.

The aggregation itself is performed by Artificial Intelligence too, in order to predict the best weights to match our initial measurements.

The index has already been validated by running a sound benchmarking with real world data.

schema c trust index

Discover the best way to understand consumer trust and the “new normal” dynamics.

Take a look at the specific insights we can provide on industries and specific brands.

Our reports will allow you to:

Understand your customers’ emotions and confidence day by day
Identify the most relevant trends and take advantage of them to reach your goals
Pinpoint in your roadmap when the market is going to get back to pre-crisis levels, allowing you to move with a significant advantage over your competitors

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