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KPI6 is the all-in-one suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

Analyze your customers on a completely different level and action data to reach your goals.


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Your global benchmark for analyzing the brand reputation level of your company and competitors.

The many shades of brand reputation

Brand X is the product within the KPI6 suite that will serve as a global benchmark for analyzing a brand based on different variables, which may be the level of brand reputation, the trust perceived by consumers and citizens, advocacy level about their best products. The product falls within the market research segment and it finds its strength on unsolicited data.

Four areas of each part of the brand perception

Brand Reputation Index

How a specific brand is perceived on certain issues, such as corporate social responsibility, product, corporate governance and its level and degree of innovation.


Where C means Citizens, Consumer and Corporate. Three perceptions into the same trust index.


In order to understand how influential your products could be in some sectors.


Analyze categories based on the brand in question, with the goal of finding out what's really important, within the same.

A multi-perspective analysis

Our widgets will help you in your journey toward full management of your brand reputation. The Artificial Intelligence provided by KPI6 offers the highest reliability of the whole industry

Mood Calculation

You can rely on the best Sentiment Analysis in the whole industry and find real emotions inside the conversations.

Text classifiers

Capable of reading, understand the semantic level of sentences, assign meanings and classify by label.

Peak Analysis and Alerting

Analysis of conversations, with the peaks of the time trend and activation of smart alerting systems.

A different product to satisfy each need of your market

KPI6 is the all-in-one suite that doubles the efficiency of your market research efforts.

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