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This data-driven report may contain alcohol. Enjoy responsibly!

Last year we saw how Covid-19 disrupted consumption patterns across the wine sector. As we enter into the next wave of the pandemic, this KPI6 analysis reveals some of the most relevant #winelovers opinions and audience insights  

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Wine not?!

While many had hoped that talk of COVID-19 could be left in 2020, unfortunately the pandemic is still negatively influencing most online and offline conversations. As a matter of fact the events of the last two years have increased the awareness in terms of food choices and wine is no exception. An increase in wine purchases in wine shops or directly in the cellar, a lower propensity to buy in supermarkets (off-trade) and obviously online shopping: if we observe consumer behaviour, the trend seems to be oriented towards a structural change in wine experience.

Online wine conversation

Using KPI6 tools we identified several emerging trends in consumer behaviour and conversation. First of all, we tracked nearly 48k user generated content in July 2021, focusing on the three major types of wine (red, white, sparkling), the two areas of greatest consumption (Europe and U.S.) and off-trade vs delivery distribution channels. type wine consumption   The vast majority of content are related to red wine (21k), with a very positive sentiment (68%). We noticed that in the 32% negative sentiment most comments are sarcastic or ironic, with the only exception of sparkling wine conversation, where many users are discussing Russia and France disputing over Champagne law approved by the Russian Administration. wine sentiment   With regard to the most used topics in our sampled audience, wine is the predominant word but not surprisingly food pairings have been also detected by our AI: cheese, chocolate or pizza are some of the favourite foods to combine when pouring a tasty glass of wine.   wine word cloud

#Winelovers demographics

The data shows that Women are primarily involved in the conversation about wine, age range 25-34 is the most engaged (42.9%) and wine is a hot topic both in the U.S. and Europe (particularly in the UK). wine demographics

A new challenge for the wine industry

While many people may be tired of hearing about COVID-19 and restrictions,we all know these events have dramatically changed our lives and behaviour and probably it will continue for the foreseeable future. For companies that want to thrive in the coming months it’s important to adapt quickly. Digital technologies offer extraordinary opportunities, to which the world of wine has so far looked with greater distrust and reticence than other sectors, mostly because of the convivial and experiential nature of wine. However, the convenience of online purchases, greater choice, effective savings and the immediacy of receiving orders, are appreciated by consumers and must be taken into account. This is just a preview of the “Wine Consumer behaviour in the Covid-19 Era” report by KPI6. What’s buzzing in the wine conversation, trends emerging and a laser-focused audience analysis are some of the topics addressed, with the addition of several strategic takeaways for your business to consider. If you want to find more about KPI6 and our tools, our experts will be happy to discuss your business needs and give a hands-on demo of our platform. Fill out the form to download your copy today.  

Get in touch with us if you wanna learn more about this audience