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05 - Kpi6 - What is audience intelligence? Top 5 Platforms

What is audience intelligence? Top 5 Platforms

What is Audience Intelligence?

Audience intelligence is about obtaining and understanding audience insights, identifying marketing strategies to target these audiences based on insights. It is the key to figuring out what does and doesn’t resonate with an audience based on behavior, moments and topics people care and talk about all the time.

Audience Intelligence goes beyond what consumers say, collecting online behaviors like follows, connections, app usage, and article and web views. After structuring and segmenting this behavioral data, Audience Intelligence reveals and visualizes consumer groups’ unique interests – who they listen to, how they get their information, their brand affinities, lifestyle choices, preferences, and beliefs.

Audience insights that tell you about the behaviors, opinions and lifestyles of your target audience can benefit targeted marketing campaigns, product development, advertising, content creation and curation and much more. Audience intelligence tools offer audience insights at both industry and individual levels, allowing brands and agencies to pinpoint lucrative potential within the market.

Offering a deeper consumer understanding, Audience Intelligence helps Brands pinpoint what makes their audience unique and connected. Brands use this information to deliver more meaningful messages and products across the channels that matter most.

What is Social Media Segmentation?

Audience Intelligence defines the tools and software that enable social media segmentation. A term coined by Forrester, Social Media Segmentation groups consumers based on shared online or social behaviors and interests. According to Forrester, Social Media Segmentation includes three key elements :

  • First, it deals with consumers, not customers. 
  • Secondly and related, rather than 1st party data, social media segmentation data includes digital, social media.
  • Lastly, the defining characteristics of these segments, or audiences, are not defined by demographic data. Instead, they are represented by the audience’s distinct behaviors, interests, and affinities.

What business cases can Audience Intelligence help with?

Identifying marketing opportunities

When building a new marketing strategy, it’s important to grasp a full understanding of the market in question – something audience intelligence can solve.

What channel, or channels, are your audience engaging with the most? Are there specific hashtags being used by your audience that you should be aware of – if so, what are they? What other passions or interests do your audience have besides the content you’re distributing?

Independent, objective audience-intelligence-based marketing research and measurement will quantify your marketing campaign performance and identify opportunities to grow engagement, reach and ROI.

Audience discovery and segmentation

Without knowing your audience well, you can never be certain your products or campaigns will be reaching those who are most interested in your brand. It’s time to find out who you’re looking to reach, who you want to reach and how you target them.

When discussing your products, what kind of language is being used by your audience? At what time of day is your audience posting or surfing online? How does your audience vary based on geographical location?

Discover the key segments and personas in your audience with real-time cluster analysis based on affinities, behaviors, and demographics on platforms.

Developing creative assets

Great campaigns are built on deep human truths – and that’s exactly what audience intelligence provides the answers to.

What are the unique characteristics your audience shares that separate them from your competitors and the rest of the digital population? What media publications are your audience interested in and sharing with one another? What keywords are being used by your audience when referring to your products or services?

Dive into your customer’s world with our creative planning research which can help you tap into the mindsets of your audience and craft the messages, imagery and experiences that click.

Audience Intelligence Benefits

Audience Intelligence and Social Media Segmentation offer several strategic and tactical benefits.


Consumer Insights

Deepen consumer understanding 

By surfacing consumer affinities and lifestyle choices, Audience Intelligence reveals a consumer context that is clearer, more actionable, and more consistent with human identity and motivation.

Keep pace with an ever-changing consumer

Due to its real-time nature, social media-based Audience Intelligence allows Brands to keep their finger on the pulse of rapidly changing consumer needs and preferences. Especially as consumers live out more of their lives on the web – as pronounced by the current pandemic – Audience Intelligence is a critical tool.


Precision Marketing

Campaigns and content

With a clearer understanding of your consumers, Audience Intelligence helps you craft more resonant campaigns and content that champion, educate, and support your audience’s lifestyle. Over time, by producing such meaningful content, Marketers stand to strengthen brand affinity.

Partner selection

Of course, your audience interacts with other brands when exercising their unique behaviors and interests. Co-sponsoring with the right brands increases engagement, further strengthens brand affinity and identity, and sends a clear signal to consumers that you acknowledge, understand, and support their way of life.

Influencer identification

Like partner selection, audience Intelligence can show you the macro and micro-influencers who are most effective in catching your consumers’ attention and spreading key messages or trends. Identifying key influencers helps you amplify your message and authentically support your audience’s behaviors.

Media mix

Additionally, by showing you where consumers prefer to receive their news and information, Audience Intelligence can inform the best media and web channels for distributing your messages.

Event sponsorship

Lastly, but importantly, your audience seeks human to human interaction. Because Audience Intelligence can surface your target audience’s most popular in-person experiences, Brands can use this information to select the most impactful events to sponsor. By facilitating interactions between like-minded people, Brands can tap into a feeling of shared connectedness in a real, tangible way.

How to use audience intelligence for audience segmentation

Segmenting audiences is one of the most important parts of using audience intelligence tools properly. This allows you to break down supposedly monolithic audiences into various age groups, job titles, and other behavioural and psychographic details, helping you to truly understand what this audience looks like.

There are several ways to start understanding segments of audiences – and the easiest way is to read studies already done by audience intelligence experts, or looking at brands or social media accounts with large followings to find a way to break down the audience into segments.

Luxury brands are already getting plenty of love and affection from their audience which creates a fruitful resource to tap in to. For anyone keen on using audience intelligence to benefit their brand, understanding an audience who is interested in a brand like this should be seen as an easy way to learn.

Within the data and audience insights that can be gleaned from an account with a large engaged following, you can delve into the preferences, motivations and behaviours that separate your audience into further sub-communities – also known as audience passion networks. This information makes it easier to refine your audience and dedicate campaigns to specific sub-communities.

Passion networks and affinities are an interesting way to understand audience intelligence segments. This is a way of dividing audiences based on specific interests that can include sport, tv & film, politics, fashion, technology etc. We recently put together a Twitter Passion Report on the sports passion community – discovering that sub-communities within the sports passion network can be distinguished primarily based on geographic variances (American sports popular in the US).

As well as dividing your primary audience in this way, audience intelligence also helps you define each sub-community. Once you have your audience segmented, you can hone in on their behavioral aspects, including their geographical location, identify micro-influencers they engage with online and the products, trends and ideas that are shaping their preferences.

With all this information taken into account, you can be to create audience personas that play a vital role in the creation of your newly inspired ad campaigns. With audience intelligence tools you can personalise your campaigns to effectively connect with each audience segment.

Audience intelligence tools

There are a large number of tools out there which can help you understand your audience better. Here we’ve combined some of the best and some free audience intelligence tools to get you started with your campaigns:

Twitter Analytics

Using the data provided by Twitter analytics, you can understand how the content you share on Twitter grows your business. Using the Twitter activity dashboard you get an overview of the metrics associated with each and every one of your tweets – helping you discover what worked well and which posts resonated with your audience best.

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights offers detailed information about two separate groups– those connected to your page and individuals on Facebook – which allows you to build content that suits your audience, as well as easily identify more individuals similar to the ones in your existing audience.

Google Analytics

Understanding the demographics, behaviors and interests of your website visitors improves your online marketing – and Google Analytics’ dedicated Audience section shows valuable audience data that you can reflect in your marketing strategy. The nine separate reporting sections under Audience include a user-friendly sessions graph and a table chart that shows the acquisition, behavior and conversions data for each group.


KPI6 LookAlike offers you the unique opportunity to color the audiences with tons of different data points and insights. We use Unique User Profiling for digital audience targeting.

This is the Consumer Intelligence at its finest – a powerful representation of an audience, enriched with all the data you need, coming from traditional surveys, panels and market research

LookAlike has the only Artificial Intelligence in the world able to show you this unique combination of insights.

A complete enrichment will skyrocket your knowledge and understanding of relevant audiences, target customers, influencers and much more.


Pulsar helps you find the story in the data.

Their social listening and audience intelligence platform brings all your digital audiences in one place. Get data-driven social media insights by leveraging the power of AI & data visualization in our owned-media analytics, trends, and social listening tools.

Strategic takeaways

If you are likely a Marketer or Insight or Analytics Professional, for a moment, take off your professional cap. First, be a regular human.

When at a party meeting new people, when do you share your age, race, religion, education level? Rarely at the first exchange. People don’t define themselves in demographic terms. Interests, rather than demographics, connect and motivate people.

Now, be a social media user:

How often are you commenting, tweeting, replying, etc.? If you are like most people, it’s infrequent. But, if you were to admit it, you probably spend a considerable chunk of time browsing social media and the web. 

This social browsing data can be collected and analyzed to determine the interests and affinities that motivate consumers. With Audience Intelligence, businesses can use these insights to build products, experiences, and messages that resonate deeply with consumers.


Getting started with KPI6 Audience Intelligence

KPI6 suite allows you to create and refine different target audiences to allow the creation of segments useful for programmatic and Social Media or to optimize those already present within the platforms.

The Coca Cola Company activates approximately 100 different segments monthly on its programmatic platform, in a way that is not fully optimized. With KPI6, segments are now compared before activation, saving time, avoiding audience cannibalization and improving ROI.

First: KPI6 studies how the audience writes and interacts online.

Second: Intercept their conversations and create real-time research environments to analyze everything posted online

Third: clusterizing users by attributes through AI algorithms

Fourth: use of segments for media activation

Identify the very relevant audiences, discover how to best engage and activate them across multiple online and offline channels!