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What about Fashion – Sustainability and Metaverse as new subtopics of fashion

Out of the bubble and away from the stereotype: how the fashion industry has changed and how the conversations, interests and social feelings of online users express this change. Artificial Intelligence at the usage of fashion.

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The new topics of Fashion

Usually, when we think of fashion, the first connection we all make is directly towards high fashion, luxury, the world of ateliers and the golden world of models and fashion shows. We all have a stereotypical idea of fashion, sometimes even itself.

Over the last two years, the situation of Next Normal, the new routine we are experiencing has led us to review our lifestyle and our habits, looking at everything with a different point of view. Even the fashion brands and stylists have reviewed their beauty standards and their themes, populating the catwalks with new concepts, with renewed sensitivity, and emerging from their own bubble.

It is for this reason that within “Out of the Bubble”, our new online event, we will talk about the results of the analyzes conducted with the listening and monitoring technologies of KPI6 to analyse the web and conversations on social media to investigate and discover new fashion topics.

In the last decade, the common attention paid to the acceptance of diversity, elimination of stereotypes and discrimination of any kind has increased considerably, and, after a really long and difficult journey that started many years ago, our society is becoming day by day more inclusive and variegate.

Out of the Bubble – Metaverse, Diversity and so on

This is the theme of the online event co-hosted by IZILab and KPI6 on the fashion sector, the related issues and the topic analysis on the online conversations collected and analyzed during the two reference events of the Italian and international fashion scene and the first Metaverse Fashion week: Milano Fashion Week, both for the September 2021 and February 2022 appointments, and the Metaverse Fashion Week held from 24 to 27 March.

Izi lab is the place where more than 30 years of applied research and the Society of Communication, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning meet. IZI Lab was created with the aim of combining traditional analysis techniques with new research technologies by exploiting the statistical method and corporate know-how developed over the years to analyze and interpret the continuous flow of information that is generated on the network. It was born as a spin-off of IZI Methods, analyzes and economic evaluations, with the aim of applying the methodologies of traditional research, consolidated in more than thirty years of activity, to the new data flows available on the web, thus carrying out research methodologically accurate, carried out in compliance with the ethical rules and in a short time. IZI Lab makes use of the innovative technologies commonly collected in the concept of Big Data and which in detail are made up of different categories of analysis: web monitoring, social intelligence, data scraping, machine learning, artificial intelligence.

That’s why we started this close collaboration between IZI and KPI6, mixing our skills in this event. In particular, IZILab will illustrate the main differences and issues that have emerged in the last two years, starting with the digital dimension enhanced during the pandemic, touching on the two global events such as the Milano Fashion Week, where for the first time issues were addressed. relating to sustainability, diversity, inclusiveness, and the Metaverse Fashion Week, where the theme of the metaverse and digital fashion is introduced.

In support of the research conducted by IZILab, there will be the observations of the professor of University of Roma Tor Vergata, Francesca Dragotto, who with her research on gender issues will present an articulated picture of sustainability declined by the fashion sector and the role of innovation and technology in this area.

Topic also reported and found by Comin & Partners which, within its Observatory on the reputation of luxury brands, created together with KPI6 and in partnership with Il Foglio della Moda, analyzed thousands of online contents on fashion brands to define indices of reputation and main topics of discussion.

These are a lots of information to look at the fashion world from a different point of view, with new themes. Take part in our totally digital event!

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