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Vegans, raw vegans and raising vegans: sub-sector audience profiling

It is very easy to overlook smaller sub-sectors and niches within more general audience categories. This leads to inaccurate audience targeting, as well as resulting in missing out on many unexplored demographics that provide a key tactical competitive advantage. In the case of veganism, we get an audience profiling analysis of its smaller sub-sectors. An example of this niche identification and targeting would be in this case raw veganism and those raising vegans. Some contextual background information: Vegans are those who abstain from eating or utilizing any form of animal product; Raising vegans refers to those that raise either their children of pets with a vegan diet; Raw Vegans refers to a group of individuals that are vegans but also do not eat cooked or processed foods either.  

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DOWLOAD THE FULL REPORT HEREWe’ve collected and analyzed unsolicited data and opinions from vegans, raw vegans and those raising vegans.  

Beginning the segmentation of Veganism through emotional response analysis.

             An important starting point for identifying and analyzing audience sub-sectors, is measuring the overall average positive and negative response to the ideals within the audiences. This is accomplished through the unbiased analysis of spontaneous conversations and user generated content. Leveraging state of the art AI technologies a score of 0 – 100 is aggregated in order to determine the overall positive and negative feelings towards the research. This is however only the first step and is a more basic level of analysis. Taking this further we can investigate the individual emotions behind this sentimental response.  This emotional analysis is driven in part by the content of the user generated content that is analyzed, but also largely by the emojis that are specifically used. As we see below in figure 1, the focus is on the following emotions: Joy, Admiration, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disapproval, Surprise, Smirk, and Boredom. Downloading this report will grant access to the specific values and findings that correlate to a specific audience emotional analysis and profile, granting a far more well-rounded perspective.              It is also possible to select key correlations and relations even within our niche audience sector. An example of such action can be found in this report in the form of an analysis of the correlation between emotional response and job title. Such specifically tailored and custom analysis allows for modular degrees of insight to suit any function or purpose. Within this correlative research we can identify key differences between the emotional responses inside of the specific sub-sectors and how this translates to the people behind these responses. We are able to dive deeper into profiling people rather than quantifying and analyzing simple conversations.    Sentiment and emotional analysis for veganism  

Diving deeper into the sub-sectors of veganism, building well rounded audience profiles.

             In order to fully profile any audience niche, the analysis must be taken beyond sentimental and emotional analysis. We must round out the profile, answering the essential question of who exactly the people are behind our audience segmentations. This can be effectively accomplished through further demographical, and personality analysis. Through demographic analysis we can obtain insights into the gender distribution of audience members as well as a comprehensive age-range distribution. This enables the analysis of the primary age range distribution, as well as the ranges that are not as predominant within our audience. In order to continue the construction of a well-rounded and comprehensive audience profile, applicable for even very small niche audience segments, we must look at the interests and personalities of audience members. As seen in figure 2, we are able to construct a general outline of a wide range of interests that apply to our chosen audience. The interests that are being analyzed are aggregated leveraging AI, allowing insights to be focused on relevant and critical metrics. Such interests range from Food & Drink preferences to legal and political views and outlooks. The final crucial step in creating a comprehensive audience profile is building an accurate personality trait outline corresponding to the audience being investigated. This is accomplished through the analysis of the average levels of each of the Big Five personality traits within our segmented audience. Having such a well-rounded audience profile is critical in not only identifying new audiences, but also in the effective engagement with audiences.   Interests of raw vegans  

What value does this report offer?

             It can be very easy to overlook and sometimes disregard the subtle nuances of specific smaller sub-categories within larger audiences. It is however critical to avoid such mistakes, as this can lead to inaccurate sub-categorization. Moreover, it can be possible to overlook undiscovered potential sub-sectors that could provide key competitive advantages. It is however possible to capitalize on these undiscovered sub-sectors and perhaps even discover more in the process. This is however only possible when a sufficient and well-rounded audience profile is constructed that delves deep into the facts surrounding members of the audience. With the insights KPI6 offers, it is possible to specifically segment an audience as desired and extract the key and essential insights that are relevant to your specific objective.  

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