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“Interpandemic” guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends

In this research we have analyzed, through the AI of the KPI6 platform, the content posted online about the trends of summer 2021. By extracting information from the conversations, we were able to outline a picture of which destinations are preferred by Italian tourists and what emotions emerge about them.

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#Summer2021 conversation analysis

The Italian’s conversations about travel and tourism are so popular on social media, in fact there are up to 10,000 posts published with an average engagement rate of 0.5%. Because of the next holiday period, users feel that they need to take a well-deserved break from work but, above all, they need to enjoy a vacation after experiencing an extended period locked up at home due to the pandemic. As we can see from the chart below, there is a split between travelers about the topic: 36% speak positively about it but as many as 64% express their disappointment. kpi6 chart - Kpi6 - "Interpandemic" guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends Taking a closer look, this negative sentiment is due to the impossibility of going on holiday due to economic conditions or COVID (green pass or cancellation of the holiday). On the other hand, of course, we have the enthusiasm of those who can’t wait to leave after a complicated year that hasn’t quenched the excitement of discovering new destinations.

Italian Tourists analysis

Who is the average Italian traveler? What are its socio-demo and behavioral characteristics? Let’s go and define the traits of our tourist. The most active users are female, between 25/34 yo. Schermata 2021 07 16 alle 17.36.06 min - Kpi6 - "Interpandemic" guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends Further dividing our audience, we identified two other categories: Italian consumers who travel the most are those who live with their partner and children and, in second place, those who live alone with their parents.  The data can also be confirmed, as we mentioned earlier, by the age (25-34) which is often considered to be the transition phase in which you used to leave your home to get a new one. Schermata 2021 07 16 alle 18.02.40 - Kpi6 - "Interpandemic" guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends Furthermore, the analyzed users declare that they use to travel a lot across the ‘Bel Paese‘. The 33% of them say that they travel almost regularly in our territory, being above the global average. At the same time, 49% say they also travel abroad with the same frequency. Schermata 2021 07 16 alle 19.45.38 - Kpi6 - "Interpandemic" guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends Regarding the most popular destinations for this summer, we find Barcelona in the first position which, with its versatility and beaches, has attracted the majority of Italian tourists. Unfortunately, this is also confirmed by the latest news that sees the Iberian peninsula hit by a new wave of COVID-19 infections, forcing it to take new security measures and use curfews. Schermata 2021 07 18 alle 15.58.12 e1626888281125 - Kpi6 - "Interpandemic" guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends Among the most Italian destination visited, the Colosseum keeps standing out with its majesty and its history and it is always able to attract some tourists; in the second place,  we see the 5 Terre among the protagonists of users’ conversations, presumably for its versatility between villages, beaches, landscapes and tradition.

What will be the Trends for this #summer2021?

Sea or mountain? That’s the main question among the tourists that are going to live a new holiday experience and that are looking for new places to visit. Well, at least for this summer, we can tell you that there was no race: almost 82% of users preferred the sea to the mountains. This could be given by the fact that not everyone is so lucky to see the sea simply by walking around their city and the pandemic has rekindled in people the desire to enjoy a beach holiday. The places that have aroused more interest are without doubt the southern regions and the islands, in particular: Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia. Schermata 2021 07 18 alle 16.25.32 - Kpi6 - "Interpandemic" guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends   Regarding tour operators, they keep in line with always the same summer trends,  by offering organized holidays in Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia; in addition, for the more adventurous, trips to Madurai and safaris in Africa. Schermata 2021 07 18 alle 22.24.36 - Kpi6 - "Interpandemic" guide for Italian tourists: 2021 summer trends   In general, the typical traveler of this summer 2021 is a young person, who wants to relax at the sea and who mainly wants to enjoy the beauty of our land. To get the complete report and have an even more detailed view on tourism and travelers, you can download it by clicking on the link below. With KPI6 suite, you’ll have the opportunity to analyze your audience to optimize your marketing campaigns, to find out what are the trends of the moment and then propose to your audience and increase the reputation of your company through them.  If you want to discover all the potential of our software you can book a demo and we’ll show you all of its potentials.  

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