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The revolution of Audience Intelligence for Advertising

Overcoming the challenges that come with targeting and privacy with a brand new, cookieless approach, thanks to KPI6’s new solution.


In a world that’s getting increasingly web-connected day by day, where user attention is becoming more challenging, the success of an advertising campaign depends on the ability to understand and satisfy the needs and desires of consumers, and thus, on the ability to gather information about its target audience.

This latter aspect has become increasingly complex when relying on a Data Management Platform (DMP). Data management platforms can present integration and quality issues, making it difficult for advertisers to obtain accurate and useful information about their advertising campaigns. They do not facilitate privacy regulations, such as GDPR in Europe, which impose strict restrictions on the use of user data and require greater transparency from advertisers. This can limit targeting options and data collection.

Furthermore, advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook, introduced more boundaries on targeting to protect their users’ privacy, making it harder to reach their target audience.

Competition and market saturation make it difficult for advertisers to make their advertising messages stand out among the mass of ads. This increases the importance of producing personalized and high-quality content, which requires greater audience segmentation and richness of information about each segment.

Equally important are the changes in consumer behaviour, as they become faster and harder to intercept, especially when relying on static collection systems like surveys.

To tackle this scenario, a flexible strategic approach is necessary, along with advanced consumer intelligence tools like KPI6’s new product: Odience.

By analysing over a billion users from major social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, KPI6 can understand user interests and divide the audience into smaller, homogeneous segments. With thousands of useful datapoints for variables such as age, gender, geographic location, or consumer preferences, advertisers can create personalized and relevant advertising messages for each segment, increasing the likelihood of engaging and catching the interest of the audience.

The true challenge lies in data activation, but thanks to Odience, in addition to discovering and studying any Personas, it is possible to transfer them as audiences to Meta, Twitter, and DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms). This allows for optimization of resources and time spent in building an unprecedented campaign, leading to an extraordinary return on ad spend (ROAS).

With Odience, there is no longer a need to rely on cookies, despite having the ability to deeply understand the target audience in a simple, fast, and real-time manner. Furthermore, the audiences analysed by KPI6 are representative of the entire digital world.

KPI6 boasts strong expertise in the MadTech world, allowing us to build a solution that fully meets the needs of our important clients.

For the first time in the audience intelligence field, the audiences analysed by KPI6 truly represent the entire digital world and finally go beyond the digital bubble, thanks to the enrichment and normalization achieved through partnerships with leading market research panels.

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App intro

Odience allows you to

-understand and explore any audience, starting from topics, brands, and products in a completely revolutionary way compared to traditional market research methods.

-activate audience segments without the intermediation of a DMP (Data Management Platform) through a cookieless approach by nature, Admageddon-proof.

KPI6’s experience in consumer intelligence has guided the development of a product based on simple principles:

Complex doesn’t mean complicated. Dealing with enormous amounts of data and artificial intelligence can often be a hurdle for those in need of simple answers. We have let the complexity of our technology work behind the scenes to provide you with an always immediate, simple, and intuitive experience.

User-platform complicity. Odience was created by those who fully understand the needs of those working with audiences of all types. With insights that always speak for themselves, every user will have the perception of working with a colleague with whom they can share everyday problems and challenges.

Ready-to-use outputs. Each visualization in Odience’s dashboards has been designed to function independently. Thanks to a structure based on cards that answer specific questions whom marketers and advertisers find the answer to daily.

The available insights

Here’s what you will be able to find in the first public release of Odience, a product rich in insights and ready to tackle challenging campaigns and strategies from the first use.

Audience Persona

The tab is organized like a real identikit, displaying the main insights of the most representative segment of the audience created each time.


Age groups, gender distribution, generation, language used, job titles—these are the basic pieces of information for audience profiling and segmentation. Thanks to artificial intelligence, sensitive information will not be extracted from users who belong to the identified audience.


The true key to creating advertising campaigns. Starting from public content on social media, without any type of cookie or sensitive data, each audience has its ranking of interests and sub-interests. Thanks to an increasingly refined entity extraction algorithm, it will be possible to leverage the universal taxonomy to activate a new segment directly on walled gardens and DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms).


There is a timeless truth, “content is king.” If interests are crucial in profiling an audience for communication and advertising, the content the audience follows and the sources it draws inspiration from are further manifestations of passions and help us better understand our target audience.

Online Habits and Purchases

Completing the picture of available insights are two tabs with typical market research insights, such as the frequency of device usage and social media platforms in the Online Habits section, and desires and purchase intentions in-store and online in the Purchases section.

The world of targeting is changing rapidly, and we must be ready to face this change. This is only possible with an advanced and identity-free solution that respects user privacy.

We know what your concerns are and the challenges you will have to face, and we can’t wait for you to try the result of our work, which will accompany you in the exploration of every brief.