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The #ClimateWeek according to Twitter

Which topics have been the most debated? Who were the top mentioned political figures? How did Greta involve her audience?

How we face climate change and try to solve it is a fundamental issue of our time. But it is also important to understand the way we talk about it, both offline and online.

Online conversations are often catalyzed by great world events such as the New York UN Climate Summit and Fridays For Future Global Climate Strike. The #ClimateWeek so has become an opportunity to detect the different ways we react online to the climate emergency and to find out the hot topics of Twitter’s debate.

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A polarization between the United Nation’s meeting on Climate Change and president Donald Trump seems to have dominated Twitter’s stage, creating two big clusters of conversations rotating around two topics: the future of young generations and CO2 emissions due to fossil fuels extraction.

The influence of Greta Thunberg’s speech to world leaders at the Crystal Palace has also been huge on the social media. Because of her, Twitter has been flooded by a great wave of joy and admiration capable of significantly reducing the usual trends of disapproval generated by such controversial topics.

The positive sentiment that has surrounded the students’ strikes is there to confirm that people want to talk about the climate emergency in new ways. The #CoveringClimateNow initiative has tried to do so by bringing climate change related news to the headlines of the most popular newspapers in the world.

The winds of change are blowing on Twitter and it looks like it’s just the beginning of a worldwide climate-speech revolution. What will be the next tweet?


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