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Telco: consumers talk…and they do talk a lot!

The main purpose of our research is to outline the socio-demographic characteristics of the average consumer, highlighting its preferences and, through the analysis of more than 15,000 online conversations and posts, understanding how the key players of the telecommunications industry are perceived.

Telecommunications operators: online buzz and how consumers talk about them

As we can see from the chart, in this last month the most mentioned operator is TIM that, with its different offers, has overtaken the competition. In addition to that, the popularity of TIM on social media is also due to the recent agreement between the company and DAZN.

Telco preferences

Good news is that in addition to being the most discussed operator, Tim is also the one with the highest online reputation among all of its competitors, overtaking Iliad that with its very attractive offers comes second.

Reputation quadrant

Most discussed topics analysis

Regarding the topics that emerged in the posts and conversations of users about the Telco’s world, we have several themes, which may be inherent to the initiatives of the various operators or issues related to the phone line or contextualized public opinion.

Hashtag and topics
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In particular, we have found complaints about inefficiencies, regarding Wind but also for Fastweb and Vodafone. Iliad continues to surprise online users with its offers, including a particular one, and it is perceived as the best operator in terms of quality/price ratio. Finally, we can find TIM that has been talked about a lot in this month for the appeal with SKY for the antitrust issue mentioned above, but which is still the most appreciated for the technical assistance provided.

Telco consumer analysis

TIn the analysis that we have carried out, the audience characteristics of the different telco brands are very comparable.

Telco consumer
Telco consumer

We can note that for all the 5 brands, the predominant gender is male, particularly in the age range 25 and 34 and, unusually, the interests are similar. In particular, we can observe a strong tendency towards “Travel” and “Health and Fitness“.

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