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Social Sharing: how to find the best times to post on social media

Whether your goal is to feed followers or increase engagement, finding the best times to post on Social Media is crucial. Let’s see how to do it, starting from scratch.

Is it better to post when more people are online? Are our contents appreciated more on weekends or weekdays? These and other questions could crowd the mind of the novell (but also of the expert) social media manager or of the company that has focused on the content strategy to promote and convert.

The rules of Social Sharing are not unique: there is no timetable or a better day, but everything depends on the characteristics of the target and the product.

Starting from scratch, we will see how to use some free tools – but also a simple logical reasoning – to identify the best times to post, in a completely approximate way: later we will talk about how all these operations can be concentrated in a single analysis session, thanks to the Social Listening.

If you are convinced that your Social Sharing strategy is going well, do not continue reading this article and download our checklist to see if you really have everything under control:

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Use it as a test or as a memorandum for your weekly activities. Share it with your department and build your Data-Driven Strategy day after day.

Publication times: how to understand which ones are best

Each social network has specific characteristics, publication rules and “favorite” timetables: it is good to know this information before drawing up a plan, albeit summary, of publication. Do Facebook and Linkedin have the same type of audience? What are the favorite moments of the typical user of a specific social network?

immagine che mostra la calendarizzazione e gli orari migliori per postare sui social media

The same reasoning applies to the target: it is essential to analyze the characteristics of your target well, categorize them and use them to create models that will allow you later to reach users not yet reached.

But how, without a specific Social Listening tool, to identify the best times? With some help from free tools and a good deal of analytical reasoning.

  • Twitter. It is valid for Twitter but also for other networks: Buffer can be a useful tool to better program your posts. Thanks to the Optimal Scheduling function the tool analyzes the statistics of our profile and the audience and, in relation to our number of daily posts, shows on a graph the best time to publish. It is useful if you analyze the profiles and pages Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ pages. Of course, this is a statistical average based on the audience we already have and the amount of content that we usually post: in essence, the tool does not tell us anything about the hypothetical public of our product sector, but only on that already acquired.
  • Facebook. In the case of Facebook pages, you can take advantage of Insights to understand when your fans are online: by clicking on “Post”, in the section “When your fans are online”, the network provides a chart that allows you to understand, based on 6 days before, when users were online. The downside is that the tool returns the number of online fans on a specific date and time, but does not say, for example, if a user who connected during the morning did so in the afternoon.
  • Instagram. One last tool to mention is Iconosquare (once known as Statigram): in the best time to post section, it analyzes your audience and the amount of content, and allows you to understand the best performing times and days of the week.
  • Linkedin. Unlike the others, this social network is used mostly by professionals, as a magazine that provides important information about their industry. Audience B2B, is often considered as one of the highest winning lead platforms: there is no agreement regarding the best time to post. According to the analysis of, the best days of publication are weekdays and weekdays of the week, before and after work.  According to the analysis of AddThis the click peak is between 14 and 16.00, while the largest number of shares is generally between 10 and 12, or after 16.00. Still,  according to Coschedule, the most profitable times are between 7 and 8 am and after 17.00.

Find the best times with Social Listening

The important thing to keep in mind is that these tools refer to the audience already linked to your fan page, profile or company page, limiting themselves to this: they do not say anything, however, on the audience you might have.

The difference with the use of a specific Social Listening tool is this: the ability to identify features, obtain information and monitor the audience of your product sector.

This allows you to track the habits of users related to your industry and to build models with which to identify new niches and, of course, the best times to interact with them, maximizing your content marketing strategy.

If you are convinced that your social sharing strategy is all right, download our checklist to see if you really have everything under control:

scarica la checklist

Use it as a test or as a memorandum for your weekly activities. Share it with your department and build your Data-Driven Strategy day after day.

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