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social distancing and business opportunity

Social Distancing as business growth opportunity

The evolution of the consumer has always been linked to historical and social evolution. In the last decades, people have increasingly changed, promoting the rise of new purchase methods and business models.

An example of great consumer evolution was that we had during the 60s economic expansion. Advertising shifted to a new kind of communication focused on “The Modern Man”, a new profile of consumer who lives in the cities instead of lands, go to work by car, desire comfort products, and so on.

The concept of “modern consumer” comes up from a social change leading by an unusual event: the fastest economic growth of the century.

Today the actual emergency scenario is putting in place the same evolution and probably this “new consumer” will tend to prefer “new channels” that are Online.

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This webinar will be held in Italian.

Social Distancing and consumer’s habits

The world has to suddenly face a challenge it was not ready for. Forcibly, we have had to adapt, as humans, to a new lifestyle never experienced before. 

In particular, as consumers, we have had to accept new purchasing models, imposed by circumstances. A life-change change that has been faced by all generations, both from the slightly more difficult one to online commerce (like “Boomers”) and from more online-friendly generations (as “Millennial”).

As it has often happened in the past, many companies have diversified their business activities, both to decrease their losses, but above all to help the community and society.

That’s why in this period we can see automotive giants, such as FCA and Ferrari,  that have started to produce ventilators and Italian fashion brand has abandoned “paillettes” to produce facial masks, gowns and sanitizing gels (Armani, Prada, Brunello Cucinelli).

This forced adaptation will surely leave a mark on people’s personal and consumer habits after the end of the quarantine period. It will be the occasion when everyone will be able to rediscover passions that have never blossomed, but above all to stabilize some consumer habits experienced in the period of crisis.

The first results following the introduction of the restrictions among our country (Italy) have highlighted some trends that immediately changed the habits and consumption of Italians.

In fact, the measurement of Coronavirus effects on the lifestyles, habits and consumption patterns of Italians has registered growing concern, especially among women. Even before the restrictive measures, they have reduced or stopped frequenting shopping centers and shops

In the coming weeks, we could expect a greater male presence within the stores, a factor that Distribution companies will have to take into account in their future planning.

Obviously, mobility by public transport has decreased in favor of private cars. The habit of preferring private transportations could be difficult to cut-off, even at the end of the emergency: it is possible that this has significant consequences on the logic and sensitivity of environmental sustainability, a central topic in the Italians consumption patterns.

Quarantine is also synonymous with greater media content consumption. In recent days, many Italians declare that they have significantly increased the time spent on Media & Entertainment content, especially those related to the search for news and leisure. 

There is also a growth in the percentage of subscriptions to paid content services, platforms, and apps. There is growing attention to personal care and nutrition. Health and well-being, even in the kitchen: in this period, Italians stay more at home and spend more time than usual on personal hygiene and on cleaning/sanitizing the home and clothes.

Creativity, Buying & Planning for the new consumer

While the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and makes the world more unstable, how can brands remain relevant to consumers?

How has the way companies communicate changed, making the most of opportunities?

Now, communication is also facing new and unprecedented challenges. Brands are called to do their job, adapting the messages and communication strategies to the sentiment of the Italians.

Companies must rewrite their buyer personas from scratch and readapt corporate, strategic and creative processes.

The world of advertising is apparently living a favorable moment: news sites of cooking, multimedia platforms, are achieving incredible results. It is evident that the greater availability of users’ time augments their levels of attention.

The challenge for those who manage advertising budgets is extremely compelling. What used to be valid now could be no longer valid, and day after day the scenario can change for better or for worse.

In particular:

  • Planning & Buying must be able to quickly adapt to new needs and different distribution of audiences on different media/channels.
  • Creativity must adapt in real-time to new contexts and lifestyles and needs of consumers to be relevant and above all not to be out of place.

During our webinar, the 16th of April 2020, we will talk about the experiences of large and important companies and how they have had to make up for the crisis caused by the impact that the “lock-down” is having on our lives, on our needs. 

We will have the pleasure of talking about these issues together with:

  • Alberto Nasciuti – CEO @ KPI6
  • Massimo Fontana – NED @ KPI6
  • Luca Vergani – CEO @ Wavemaker
  • Germano Calvi – Head of Research e Data Science @ Publicis Communications
  • Valentina Torrusio – CEE Data & Productivity Connections Manager @ Coca-Cola 
  • Domenico Agnello –  Innovation Ecosystem Lead @ PwC

An important moment of discussion and reflection where we will deal with our guests with the opportunities to be seized when there will be different security provisions and slowly we will go towards a new season: the “spring of consumption”.

Do you want to know more about online consumer’s needs?

Guarda i nostri webinar

Register for the 16 April 2020 webinar “The Consumer of the Future”.

This webinar will be held in Italian.