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Sky & the launch of the Broadband product: Sky Wifi

Let’s continue with the new editorial line of the KPI6 blog on success-case articles: the story, the job challenges, the contents, and the future prospects of our customers, told through their own voice. Because the success and satisfaction of our customers are part of our success.

After the last article on Digital Advocacy, we continue with another KPI6’s important client and partner: Sky Italia. How did Digital Consumer Intelligence and Machine learning help Sky before the launch of a new broadband product?

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Everybody knows Sky. We all go crazy for its programs, for its shows, for thematic channels, for the great cinema and especially for the sport. Sky is certainly one of the main leaders in the telecommunications sector worldwide and one of the main contents provider, not just television ones.

But that was not enough for this great giant, so it wanted to expand its offer, its wide range, with a new product for its customers: Sky Wifi.

Just on June 16, 2020, Sky Italia officially presented its fiber offer on the Italian market. A big news for the company, which wanted to diversify its offer with a new product that goes beyond the contents, channels, and productions made until now, with an implementation of its technologies to have a product that allows users to “be all connected with what we love.

Sky has decided to extend the television service to ultra-broadband to provide new convergent and innovative solutions to its customers. A long and important process that, thanks to the collaboration with KPI6 and other Italian startups to design the service, has allowed Sky to enter into the fiber segment.

What did Sky ask KPI6 a few months ago? What did our work focus on? We spoke with Lorenzo Trimeloni, Service Manager at Sky Italia, and Alessio Champier, Service Manager at Sky Italia.

Alessio Champier

Alessio Champier

Service Manager at Sky Italia.

Lorenzo Trimeloni

Lorenzo Trimeloni

Service Manager at Sky Italia

Proud of the product just presented, Alessio explains us the necessity and the goals that have led the team to the use of a Digital Consumer Intelligence platform:

“We have chosen KPI6 because a fundamental thing for Sky was to understand the sentiment of users, therefore how users receive the new services, rather than the services that were already in use (as TV) and the quality of the broadband service. It is not enough to do ad hoc interviews, but it’s important to gather opinions on social platforms, blogs. To hear the voice of the network”.

A full overview, necessary to have an awareness of the competitors’ panorama. An action in which machine learning technologies were so useful for the implementation of listening and monitoring activities:

“In the preliminary phase of product creation, KPI6 helped us to understand the perceived quality of the other operators, categorizing the sentiment of the users and trying to discriminate between the various cases respect to the other operators ( the competitors in the wifi fiber sector). This gave us a good basis to be able to replicate these cases in the launch of our product” – said Lorenzo.

A monitoring activity that lasted several months, listening to thousands of conversations on social media and on the web and tagging all conversations for the specific use cases that may arise in the use of a broadband product.

A set of analyzes and data that have taken place within a dashboard, very important among SKY’s control activities.

“In Sky, we have a control room, so that we visually have all the data we need under control. The KPI6 dashboard is taken as a reference point regarding the analysis of user sentiment on social networks and as monitoring of its performances. It could also be a useful tool to intercept any deterioration, malfunctions in certain areas, complaints, how users perceive certain offers, quality of service, in order to bring continuous feedback and input to the marketing and/or technical department” – added Alessio.

An activity that, as we have seen, is much wider and can be replicated and used for other cases inside the company. Lorenzo told us that:

“Besides for Sky Wifi, we believe that in the future there may be numerous application cases for KPI6, such as for example for content, for videos, for sport (as already happens with the editorial staff of Sky Sport). “

But it’s not over! The work done together with Sky does not end with the launch of the product,  but we will continue to follow the team to understand together what Sky Wifi customers think and say on social networks, intercepting their sentiment, and any trends that may emerge from their conversations.

We moved from a preventive monitoring action, indispensable in the pre-launch phase, to a real brand reputation monitoring activity.

Alessio concludes by saying:

“It is especially important to understand the complaints, what they are due to and where they come from, to categorize them in order to understand if it is a real problem of the product or the usual typical complaining of social networks. Our goal is to have various cases of complaints, in order to get different action strategies. ”

A good job that lasted months that we will now test together on the field, continuing to always calibrate the platform, in order to have increasingly performing and reliable results.

Satisfactions and goals achieved together, combining the expertise and deep knowledge of Sky Italia, with our technologies, in an explosive data strategy combo.

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