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Scale up your agency – New business and retention with KPI6 consumer insights.

The daily routine of a communication agency is always marked by the arrival of a new brief or a notice that can upset the entire weekly schedule. So, goodbye to the long-awaited aperitif: all operational, creative and strategic minds come together to find the brilliant idea for the most disparate requests of their customers. On social media, there are many pages full of memes, comics and captions about life within a communication agency or media center. Super-tight deadlines, changes to make, creative blocks. Every day an account manager, a sales manager of a creative agency, wakes up and knows that he has to start “running” faster than his client’s requests. Very often there is the difficulty of being able to satisfy the needs of one’s customers, just as it is difficult to be able to find new prospects to bring in one’s portfolio. What creative strategy could your client need? What is the plus that could make you win a tender or a sales pitch?   Register for the event!

Agency Daily Routine

In KPI6 we perfectly know the words tender, pitch, prospect and upselling. Above all, we know the challenges that an agency faces every day in order to obtain new clients and expand the volume of its portfolio. Within the next digital event “Scale up your agency” we will show you how, with our consumer insights, to do new business, retention and we will become your best friends to face the next challenge together. In our path, we have supported many Italian and international agencies and media centers over the years, trying to understand with them how to make a presentation with a wow-effect with innovative insights, supporting them in the development of the brief and celebrating the victory with them. This is what we will face within “Scale up your agency”, our next event exclusively designed for agencies and media centers. With some of our professionals we will see together what are the main needs of an agency, the challenges it faces every day and how to respond to these needs with solutions designed by KPI6.

Get new clients with a data-driven pitch sales

A new client is always a goal for an agency, which constantly feeds on new challenging briefs. But how is it possible to strike the attention of a new customer and surprise him with insights never seen before? Within our webinar we will explain how a famous media agency managed to present itself to a potential client (player in the contraceptive industry) already having a good overview of their needs, their strengths and weaknesses. Consumer intelligence allows us to do this: to listen to supporters, detractors and above all to be able to define and discover clusters in unexplored terrain until now.

Win tendering with powerful consumer insights

The choice of an agency from a brand is often based on small details.. Whether it is the launch of a new product or repositioning and rebranding operations, the tender has always been the concern and delight of all agencies. We will show you how through our help, one of our customers managed to win a tender for an important Italian telecommunications company and internet provider, with plus information that not only shows that they have a full understanding of the consumer target, but to have many other additional insights on additional audiences and on how to address contextual advertising content.

Upselling through Business Intelligence

For an agency, the ongoing and satisfactory relationship with the customer is the thing that creates the greatest value. Opening new projects with the same client is the easiest way to strengthen and retain the relationship with them and to ensure that your staff resources are always sustainable and profitable. A business intelligence product with customizable data visualization, accompanied by periodic reports could be an excellent solution and example both to add value to the relationship with the most important customers, but also a way to expand the range of services that the agency can provide.  This was done by an important media center within our client portfolio, which decided to create dashboards for its artists for a label company including proprietary data of KPI6, with Youtube and Google data, so as to have a complete overview available on the “celebrity index”.   We too, as much as you, love challenges and that is why we ask you to challenge us! By participating in “Scale up your agency” you will not only have the opportunity to understand how we have concretely helped other agencies like yours to bring home the victory, but we will give you the opportunity to present us with a brief, putting us to the test and seeing how with our technologies will satisfy all the needs of your customers.   Register for the event!