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The prediction of GFvip winner according to social network

Predictive analysis: The #GFvip winner according to social networks

KPI6 is watching you …. as Big Brother does!

No, it’s not a threat and we don’t even feel inside George Orwell’s “1984” novel. Our observation is about the data: we look into them and analyze them in order to carry out the best predictions. This time it is up to another important TV show: The Big Brother.

For almost 20 years, the adventures of the tenants of the Big Brother’s house have fascinated millions of Italians. A recurring appointment of Italian television, which from some years has changed format,  introducing its celebrity version: the Grande Fratello VIP.

At its 4th edition, this year GFvip has also collected mixed successes and opinions and has almost come to an end. Few hours before the final, we have wanted to accept the challenge again and understand, through the predictive analysis of AI technologies, who according to social networks will be the next winner!

A reliable method, that we have already used in other forecasts.

In 2018, with the same methodology, we announced the ranking of the 4 finalists of X-Factor 12, which was then confirmed 100% by the public vote! The same thing happened the following year, announcing in advance the winner of X-Factor 13.

From television events to the political one, national and international events, applying the model to the 2020 Emilia-Romagna regional elections and 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries in the USA.

We want to replicate the forecast, compiling a new ranking taking into account what the reactions of the public to the participants have been in the last few weeks. 

A lot of tweets, Instagram posts and comments on Facebook fan-pages and, despite a final head-to-head, the winner according to social media is: Patrick!

A prediction that we will discover only by watching the final episode, but as we know .. in reality shows … everything is possible until the last!

Bar chart of GFvip winner prediction

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