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the new kind of workers after covid pandemic

The New Normal and The New Worker

Welcome to another stop on our journey in the  “New Normal” era, reporting our insights about this new way of living. No more just a theory, but a real lifestyle, which KPI6 has already adopted.

Smart-working, universally considered as the cornerstone of this change, has always been one of the strengths of our vision and our work. A New normality that is however not-so-new to us.

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The new normal that we are experiencing is there for all to see. It is tangible. It can be seen in the gestures of our daily lives, in our way of relating, in habits and in the way we speak too. We are completely overwhelmed by this new scenario, called the “New Normal”.

Smart working is the starting point of the new normal. It is one of its main characteristics. Initially used just in a few companies, with the spread of the pandemic it has become essential for everyone, from small companies to public offices.

A taboo has now become a necessity, turning us into “New Workers”. COVID has not only created a new generation of consumers but also a new army of new workers.

Many people were unprepared for this alternative way of working, due to various factors: most of the companies never allowed their employees to work from home; trust levels from colleagues and leaders were low, they lacked teleworking tools, and the list goes on.

Due to the COVID emergency, however, even the most reluctant companies had to change their mindset and adapt to the situation.

KPI6 & Smart Working: together anywhere we want!

In KPI6 we always looked for a new way of working and being able to be more efficient, no matter where we were. And that’s why remote working has been part of our corporate vision for years.

Our aspiration has always been something more; we want to be everywhere but not with stable and firm offices and locations. Today’s world is dynamic, in constant movement and in constant advance of novelties, innovations and creations to improve people’s lifestyles. We want to be part of this new world, but staying focused on the centrality of people that work with us and their quality of life.

Our goal is, first of all, to empower the lives of our collaborators. So we decided to base our business model on people because they are the ones who bring true value to our reality; people who can work from anywhere, that do not need a physical office, just an internet connection and a computer… so that they are able to work while traveling through the center of the North Pole, or relaxing on a beach in the Bahamas!

We have always believed in the maximum convergence between personal and work goals. We give our team complete freedom to choose the desk from which to carry out their business. Being born in the acceleration program of LVenture Group in Rome, we have rapidly spread to the whole territory, with offices in Milan and Reggio Emilia. Our team is working through the whole of Italy, from north to south.

We break the traditional constraints related to staticity, leaving people more autonomous, preferring the orientation to results over the traditional approach to control. 

This approach was really useful when the COVID emergency arrived. As good remote/smart workers, we were ready to use our experience as “remote workers” to consolidate the business. And at the same time, we managed to open new opportunities and markets.

During the health crisis, our routine did not change: the time on the alarm clock has always remained the same, just like the total amount of coffees we drink, as well as the chatter between colleagues. Just the number of video-calls has dramatically increased!

We have maintained an ongoing relationship with our customers, offering them additional support on analysis already carried out and on new projects, due to the unique historical moment that has led to new needs.

Some examples of our job missions in remote work? The most significant example is the creation of the proprietary algorithm that allowed us to create CTI – Consumer Trust Index ®, an index capable of monitoring consumer confidence in a specific sector/industry, with the possibility of further investigating insights on individual brands monitored by the Index.

The project was born in the first days of lockdown in Italy, when black was certainly the color most present in attempts to observe any horizon.

We have tried to think as a team on how our technology, our approach to data, could fit into this “new world” to be able to support not only the moment that companies in every industry and sector were experiencing, but also and especially what would come next.

KPI6 is a Digital Consumer Intelligence tool, we analyze and monitor the company and the consumer, and it is here that the concept of “new normal” is perceived most, a normality therefore that differs from what we lived pre-Covid, everything is somewhat changed and consequently the new post-covid consumer is different, regardless of the industry to which it belongs.

The CTI index was the first important step for KPI6 during the Covid crisis, which further illuminated our path in the world of Consumer Intelligence.

Other examples of our work during lockdown are the Data Journalism articles created by our Networthy unit, for Sky Sport and Agi Italia.

The “carousel” has never stopped in these months, allowing us to work and strengthen our relationships in a future perspective.

A clear example of how remote work is not only a temporary alternative to office work but a solid replacement that can bring the same (if not greater) profits.

A working method that is emerging now and that will become fully part of the “new normal” routine.

Would you like to know how a Digital Consumer Intelligence approach can help your Business?

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