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Market Research Revolution: Generative AI Has Arrived at Odience!

The most innovative use of Large Language Modeling that Consumer Intelligence has ever seen

Chat GPT is ushering in an unprecedented revolution in our lives. We’re sure you won’t never miss the exciting news we have in store for you to help you ride the wave of change that’s sweeping through market research and audience intelligence right now. Let’s not beat around the bush; we’re all aware of the limitations of traditional market research methods and the complexity of using intelligence software. It’s time for a change.

Large Language Modeling, already integrated into some of our technological solutions, is about to carve out a crucial space for solving problems that have plagued marketers, strategists, and market researchers for too long.

We can finally announce the upcoming release of definitive solutions for:

  • Query Building within audience intelligence tools: No more Boolean logic; you’ll write in natural language. Tackling the first technological step of consumer intelligence will be as easy as writing a brief.
  • One-to-one personas Interviews: The entire interview process will be accompanied or even completely replaced by the ability to chat with different audience segments represented by artificial intelligence trained to respond to your own data.
  • Automatic Interpretation of Insights: A system to assist you in understanding all of Odience’s outputs, creating reports, and finding the strategic patterns and answers you need every day.

The Current Context, Market Growth, and the Ongoing Revolution

Marketing is a constantly growing sector, fundamental to the success of any business. In recent years, the marketing industry has witnessed an unprecedented acceleration driven by the increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This rapid expansion is a reflection of the extraordinarily vast size of the market for applications based on Large Language Models (LLM).

However, this sector is also undergoing profound social and cultural changes, highlighted by the Hollywood screenwriters’ strike in 2023.

The Screenwriters’ Strike: A Turning Point in the Film Industry

The Hollywood screenwriters’ strike in 2023 was an extraordinary event in the field of artificial intelligence. It highlighted the threat posed by Large Language Models (LLM) to creative professionals and initiated a debate on the responsibility of companies developing and using this technology. Screenwriters filed a lawsuit against the American Producers Association (MPAA), accusing it of automating scriptwriting through LLM. This event underscored the growing importance of generative AI in seemingly unrelated sectors, such as the film industry.

The Explosive Growth of the LLM Market

The market for applications based on Large Language Models is constantly expanding and is expected to continue growing at a sustained pace in the coming years. With an estimated value of $1.3 to $2 trillion USD by 2030, this market represents one of the driving forces of technological innovation and corporate change. (Source: Bloomberg)

“How will you add value in the era of generative AI? If you aren’t attempting to answer this question now by choice, it will ultimately be answered for you by force.”

Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr, CEO of Mayflower-Plymouth.

How will you add value to all of this? How are you preparing for the arrival of solutions like ChatGPT in your daily life? Our idea is crystal clear on this, and they’re called OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk, two new solutions added to Odience’s features.

Industry Challenges in Market Research

The marketing industry has faced several challenges with traditional methods. First and foremost, the absence of queries in natural language has made it difficult for industry professionals to ask questions effectively and obtain meaningful answers. The complexity of Boolean logic has been a barrier to accessing valuable data for years.

Furthermore, data interpretation is always a constant challenge. Marketing strategists and market researchers still spend a lot of time and effort fully understanding market data and translating it into effective strategies. Last but not least, traditional market research methods require many hours of preparation and meticulous work.

OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk: Revolutionary Solutions

This is where OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk come into play. These innovative solutions leverage advanced AI to address key industry challenges.

Key Use Cases

With OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk, we’re revolutionizing aspects of market research and the use of consumer intelligence and market research tools, including:

  • Consumer Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Natural Language Query Building
  • Automatic Data Interpretation with Virtual Assistance

But let’s delve into the use cases of OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk.

Consumer Interviews and Focus Groups

With OdienceTalk, you can communicate directly with your audience, engaging in instant and in-depth conversations with any audience segment. Ask them anything related to your research goals, strategy, or performance. Thanks to our accurate data and powerful segmentation, you’ll gain valuable insights. We’ve already set up over 500 questions and complex prompts based on key data points, but you’ll be free to customize your conversation as you prefer.

Natural Language Query Building

In 2023, bidding farewell to complex Boolean queries is finally possible. You won’t have to worry about writing AND, OR, or parentheses. Simply formulate a clear question, and OdienceAsk will translate it into a query perfectly suited to your needs. This will change how you approach social listening and audience intelligence, significantly simplifying the process.

Automatic Data Interpretation with Virtual Assistance

With OdienceAsk, say goodbye to challenges in data interpretation because you’ll experience a new navigation paradigm based on 360° virtual assistance throughout our insights. You won’t have to worry about proving your hypotheses or searching for insights because artificial intelligence will do it for you. OdienceAsk automatically interprets the data collected for each of your audiences, providing detailed explanations behind each piece of evidence and identifying patterns and weak signals. This simplifies report creation, market research, and strategic decisions for your brand or your clients.

Advantages in Market Research

The adoption of OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk brings several significant advantages to businesses:

  • Efficiency and Speed: Thanks to AI, responses are immediate, eliminating the need to spend hours or days formulating complex queries.
  • Natural Questions: The ability to ask questions in natural language streamlines the process of obtaining relevant and clear data.
  • Automatic Interpretation: OdienceAsk automates data interpretation, allowing marketing professionals to focus on valuable insights.

Strengths Compared to Competitors

Odience stands out from competitors in several ways:

  • Completely Revamped: Odience doesn’t merely integrate generative AI; it revolutionizes the entire process, anticipating the needs of the ongoing revolution.
  • Pioneering Approach: We are among the first to adopt LLM in consumer intelligence, demonstrating our commitment to innovation.
  • Wide Range of Use Cases: We offer over 500 pre-set question prompts suitable for a wide range of situations.
  • Contextual Interpretation: We go beyond sentiment analysis, providing context and explanations for trends and changes in data.

Try it in Preview: 
Join our Early Access Program

  • Experience OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk in advance.
  • Upgrade your offering ahead of others.
  • Shape the future of technology and tailor it to your specific desires.

Join us, rely on Odience

After introducing a new way of doing advertising targeting, we have now taken to heart the most annoying problems of market researchers.

In an era where Generative AI is redefining the business landscape, Odience stands as a beacon of innovation and progress. With OdienceTalk and OdienceAsk, we’re laying the foundation for a smarter, more direct, and data-driven marketing world.

The world of work and marketing is changing, old tasks, the way projects are carried out, and current skills may soon be replaced. Evolve your technologies and offerings with us and don’t be left out of the revolution.