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KPI6 releases “Research Audience”, the new AI feature in Analytics

Renewal period for KPI6. We don’t absolutely stop because of everything that happens around us and, as loyal smart-working amateurs even in the pre-corona virus phase, we proceed with our work, always ready to release new features that can simplify the strategic work of our customers. And now it’s the turn of Research Audience.

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Experts from large companies, such as Deloitte, Group M and ENI have already found an innovative way to use this technological cookieless model for their creative strategies.

A new release that keeps together Audiences with the Analytics section

After the recent release of Polygons, the feature that allows companies to understand the degree of overlap/similarity between different audiences, we have immediately thought to offer our customers a new functionality of our KPI6 platform, making a new step towards the completeness of Digital Consumer Intelligence.

A structural modification that will bring many advantages to the analysis of the audience.

From listening to profiling

Let’s start from the beginning.

KPI6 has always had 2 working environments: Analytics and Audiences.

Analytics is an environment dedicated to listening and analyzing conversations, listening to everything that is said about a specific topic through analyzes based on Artificial Intelligence (Topic Detection, Image recognition, Sentiment analysis, etc.)

Audiences, on the other hand, is dedicated to the aggregate but detailed analysis of users (moving from “what” to “who”), going to profile demographic data (gender, age), interests, origin, habits, job titles, etc.

Recently the Audiences environment has seen the important addition of integration with the survey world, strengthening itself as the unique value proposition of KPI6.

Audience in Analytics

The step taken this time was to merge these two work environments, within only one.

“We have found a way to bring audience analysis into the listening environment.

We have introduced the possibility of inserting new insights relating to the audience of research into dashboards.

This allows you to deepen the interests of users who participated in discussions, discover their range of age, gender, consumption habits and much more.

The information on the audience can be related to the information on the posts, it is, therefore, possible, for example, to understand the audience that speaks positively about a product, or what the most often used keywords in a given age group are: the combinations are infinite and this allows even more in-depth and flexible analysis. “

Vincenzo Buldrini – Kpi6 Full Stack Developer

A new feature for loyal customers and for future ones.

This new functionality has been added in all platforms,  for both new customers and old ones. Gaetano Bonofiglio, KPI6 CTO, can explain us the switch:

“All KPI6 customers will have a renewed Artificial Intelligence panel which replaces the old “Enhance with AI” and “Image Recognition” in the dashboard of a search in Analytics. Inside the panel, it will be possible to enable the “Research Audience”.

The system, autonomously and gradually, obtains then users from listening in a weighted and meaningful way, with no need for further interventions to enable the individual analyzes. “

However, this new and interactive feature will not be the replacement of the old one. There is the possibility for everyone to have greater control over the audience by launching analysis in a classic and manual way, in the old dedicated environment.

Why this integration? Peculiarities and strengths of the new release

Through the union of these two environments, the analyzes can be increasingly deepened and they are able to highlight new and unexpected aspects on which, for example, it’s possible the launch of marketing campaigns.

  • A single area where now we are able to answer the questions “what does the talker say” and “who talks about it”.
  • The analysis of the audience linked to a search is now carried out automatically. The audience grows autonomously also in streaming and in real-time searches.
  • In addition to the analysis of all posts related to a specific search, it is now possible to carry out a study on the users who have interacted, determining their interests, psychological and demographic traits through our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • All the information collected can always be updated and filtered in real-time based on the listening phenomena.

An important task that, like any functionality added to the platform, required maximum precision and in-depth studies. 

An activity carried out with enthusiasm, above all thanks to the certainty of offering our customers an increasingly innovative and advanced service.

The algorithm that we devised is able to do all this stuff without increasing the stress on our systems and without exaggeratingly burdening customers’ consumption.

Polygons, Research Audience and new goals

“Thanks to the integration of Audience within the Analytics environment, we have reached the goal in our path of conversion from Social Media Intelligence to Digital Consumer Intelligence platform.”

Says Alberto Nasciuti, KPI6 CEO & Co-Founder who, strengthened by this innovative wave that is going through the company, does not stop in disclosing further details:

“This event represents not only a great improvement for our platform but it is also the basis on which, in the coming weeks, new features will arise: the first is Custom Machine Learning.

And that’s not all! 

In the next months, we will release a lot of new disrupting features that will radically change the Market Research industry forever. So, keep in touch with us.

Who talks about your brand? Do you want to know their interests in real-time?

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Experts from large companies, such as Deloitte, Group M and ENI have already found an innovative way to use this technological cookieless model for their creative strategies.