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KPI6 releases Polygons, the first tool to compare clusters

People are so different and so similar at the same time.
Customer segmentation is an evergreen concept. We experience that every time we see an Asian customer at McDonald’s… or when an Italian goes to Japanese restaurant to order a ton of delicious and fresh Sushi. And even in the B2B world it goes the same: our competitors may sell more simply because they launch a promotion with a more attractive gift.

We are very excited to introduce you POLYGONS™

Trying to avoid stereotypes and deep find similarity among people is a daily challenge for marketers. In the past two years we worked hard to make their life easier.

Our mission is to make market research fast and accurate, bringing the companies the capabilities to make smarter decisions day by day without going out of the building and using only one software.

Now we’re ready to add another piece in our puzzle. 

The concept behind Polygons – available next week in KPI6 – is to have a tool that allows companies to understand the degree of overlap/similarity between different audiences.

The idea came from weeks of feedback and discussion with a lot of our customers like SKY, CocaCola, ENI and all the others with which we work in close contact – we take this opportunity to thank them for helping us every day to reach our mission.

Since that, we understood that the market needs a tool to measure audiences’ similarities based on different characteristics, such as demographic or insights like interests and personality traits.

cluster comparison 1 - Kpi6 - KPI6 releases Polygons, the first tool to compare clusters

Customer segmentation & comparison, made simple

Veronica Iovinella, Machine Learning Engineer and the Project Manager for Polygonsexplained to us the technical side of Polygons: “The first version of Polygons is based on first level interests like sports, hobbies, music etc. People are represented by transforming their interests (approx. 500 dimensions) into a single 2-dimensional point. Then, a polygon is calculated for each audience, which can be interpreted as the relevant space for that audience, after outliers have been automatically excluded.

Based on the overlap of the areas of the polygons, we provide an index for their similarity.

Each point / user is generated in relation to the users of the other audiences and this allows us to answer the question: how does this audience position itself with respect to another? How similar / distant?

With outlier detection and dimensionality reduction, Polygons is able to provide weeks of audience analysis in mere seconds.”

Polygons has a huge number of possible use cases in every industry.

A couples of practical examples could be:

  • Understand if the audiences of your competitors are different from yours;
  • Compare the audiences of different products within your line or between the competitors to understand how to target advertising campaigns (both in terms of audience segment and creativity);
  • Understand the overlaps of elector groups in politics;
  • Taking benchmark products or brands and compare them to yours in order to understand where is your Market Position.

And we can go on for days!

Alberto Nasciuti, our Co-Founder & CEO said:

“The release of Polygons is a piece of our journey towards a vision linked to the workflow: Listening, Classification, Segmentation and Profiling; currently we are the only ones who provide a multi-audiences analysis service.” 

Then, referring to our Developers:

“Our Artificial Intelligence team has created an algorithm that satisfies a market increasingly focused on audience analysis with an ethical and GDPR compliant approach.”

cluster comparison 2 - Kpi6 - KPI6 releases Polygons, the first tool to compare clusters

Soon to be released

POLYGONS™ will be available starting next week for all our customers. Due to the huge number of possible applications we suggest you keep in touch with us by booking a demo in order to discuss the possible applications for your business.

And that’s not all! 

In the next months we will release a lot of new disrupting feature that will radically change the Market Research industry forever. So keep in touch with us.

Are you already dealing with Audience analytics? Do you want to see a disruptive soluton? Book a meeting!

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Experts from large companies, such as Deloitte, Group M and ENI have already found an innovative way to use this technological cookieless model for their creative strategies.