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How to win an advertising tender with KPI6

KPI6 has always faced the various challenges posed by its customers with great initiative. Companies, media centers, communication agencies, brands, all our clients have always had the same goal: getting consumer intelligence insight available to satisfy their customers.

For years KPI6 has been working with communication agencies, supporting their work by providing ready-to-use data to win important tenders, quickly and easily, and to generate more targeted and effective creativity.

Periodically, large companies entrust consultancy projects to one or more communication agencies, that have to demonstrate to have the ideal solution for a challenge proposed by the company.

The tender becomes the best way for a company to take advantage of the best service available on the market. It also becomes an opportunity for an agency to obtain an important project, but at the same time, it represents a risk because the work done during the tender may not win, therefore the agencies in the tendering phase need to amaze their client.

So… what happens when a multinational leader in the food sector decides to launch a new product, unusual for its offering, but it does not know the possible and future consumers or positioning? Well, that’s where KPI6’s Digital Consumer Intelligence comes in.

In fact, this is how we supported a well-known communication agency in winning a tender for the launch of a new product of an important food industry company.

The goal was to know the potential consumers to whom to target product and communication strategies. What better tool than KPI6’s Audience Analysis to find the insights, interests, and information necessary for the brand?

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#Breakfast listening conversations

Our analysis was intended to provide support to the launch of the new product, as needed emerged from the agency brief. It was made an attempt to use social networks to get to better know the consumers who will become the base purchase of new breakfast product: their characteristics, their drivers and how they interact with it, as it could target the brand communication.

We carried out the analysis of the two main social networks:

Twitter, to analyze behaviors related to the consumption of breakfast food; on this social, the analysis was more powerful and targeted, as we used it to discover the differences between the users of traditional breakfast and that based on pancakes;

Instagram, to get a more complete overview of the #breakfast world, especially from a visual point of view. The search query was much more generic, taking into consideration the whole world of breakfasts.

#Breakfast trends

The first step of the research was to analyze the consumer behavior of users who emerged from social networks. We found some interesting insights that can support the new product launch strategy of the interested brand.

Morning meal or afternoon snack?

The first trend to emerge was that pancakes are very often associated with afternoon snacks instead of breakfast one.

It seems that at least 30% of users consume this food as a snack and not just as breakfast. As we can see, the contents do not show a clear preponderance in the morning, but indeed there are many users who post content in the afternoon, especially during snack time and even as a dessert after dinner.

This trend is therefore very important before placing the product among the breakfast food.

Creativity Food

One element that certainly differentiates pancakes from the rest of the foods used for breakfast is creativity: pancakes stimulate users’ imagination. The tweets and images are full of frosting, creams, fruit, various condiments: #recipe is one of the most used hashtags.

Leveraging and stimulating this user creativity can be the most effective strategy for expanding the demand for the new product.

Health & Fitness

Another trend that comes from the analysis is the use of pancakes in a healthy lifestyle diet.

Among the top words in the contents dedicated to pancakes, there are numerous references to organic products, to the healthiest variations (buckwheat, lactose-free, sprouted seeds) and to preparations for protein pancakes, too much-loved food by athletes.

I would like to eat a pancake, but…

A last very interesting trend comes from all users who express their desire for pancakes, but they cannot prepare them (need for eggs, milk, flour etc), complaining about the lack of their favorite desserts. A golden opportunity for the food company!

Croissant VS Pancake: a cold war against audiences

After the listening and classification of the conversations, we reached the segmentation of two audiences: the audience of the ones that love to have breakfast with pancakes and the more traditional one, in which croissant and coffee is a must.

Interesting differences emerged, which allow us to outline the ideal consumer profile for the multinational’s new product.


The audiences analyzed differed greatly on the demographic profile.

● Coffee and croissant is the favorite breakfast for men between 25 and 44 years old;

● Pancake lovers are women, between 18 and 34 years old.

Demographics insights


We also noticed differences in the interest analysis of both audiences.

The “breakfast traditionalists” also seem to be so in their passions: we noticed a predominance of sports, news, politics, and even religion.

For pancakes lovers, we recorded more youthful interests such as animals, travel, and of course food, while political society is at a minimum level.

Interests insights

Instagram as a source for Inspiration

Since its raise, Instagram has always been a source of inspiring content, especially in the food-centric photos. In our case, this is the most powerful social network for analyzing breakfast-related content.

Instagram data suggested numerous insights into the world of breakfasts and the ways in which users consume pancakes. From the point of view of the conversations’ volume, there are surely more photos on the traditional breakfast with coffee and croissant, while instead, the pancakes photos are the most artistic ones.

It is interesting to note that the emotions aroused by the two types of breakfast are essentially the same. In fact, thanks to the Emotion Analysis AI feature, we managed to find high levels of joy and admiration, while all the others are almost non-existent.

The levels of anger and disapproval stem from factors such as an early wake-up call, study, and work that awaits users after breakfast.

Emotion Spectrum Insights

All the information and insights extracted from our platform were essential for the agency to present the communication project for the launch of the new product to the company.

Not only socio-demographic info but also about lifestyle, online and media behavior, brands consumptions and other unique information that will lead a powerful representation of an audience, enriched with all the data that company needs, in order that it could apply all the marketing strategies for the success of the new product.

A win for everybody: for us, for the agency and for the brand too. In particular, because this agency had never worked for that brand, therefore it had no other first-party data sources.

Thanks to a tool like KPI6, any agency (even those who have never worked for the food industry) can discover from scratch, through a simpler and more effective process of data use, compared to the company’s first-party data, which could be misleading in the challenge phase.

KPI6 is the best ally for agencies: the same challenges, the same goals!

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