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Greta Generation

Consumer Data Stories: How to profile the Greta Generation

Consumer Data Stories, the new KPI6 format in which through video stories and pills we will address various issues related to the adtech, martech and market research world, bringing various case studies and practical success cases using our AI technologies. The second video pill will be about “Greta Generation”.

How is it possible to profile a market niche within Generation Z, focusing on the figure of the young Italian environmentalist?

Generation Zed

By Gen Z we mean all those born between the end of the 90s and 2010. The rise of this new generation has given a great shake to the market, which has been forced to review marketing, branding and sales strategies, totally different to those applied to millennials.

It is critical for marketers and business owners to understand the characteristics, challenges and goals of this demographic group. Only by knowing the needs of Generation Z will it be possible to create marketing that adapts to this new target market.

Italian Greta Generation

In particular, we focused on a small niche of generation Z: the young Italian environmentalist. Knowing the characteristics of this young person, active in the social field and ready to face the future could be very important for companies.

To carry out this research we obviously used the data and technologies of KPI6, including all the content of people who support Greta Thunberg and actively participated in the climate strikes.

We then isolated, within the vast public that mentions Greta Thunberg in Italy, the age groups relating to the Greta generation (<24 years) and only those who speak about it in an active or positive way, coming to extract a sample of 3000 users.

This cluster was then plumbed by KPI6 technologies.

Do you want to discover our analysis?

Download the form and watch the complete video (ITA version) where, step by step, we will explain how to discover this market niche and profile it, knowing its main interests and characteristics.


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