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Gen Z: Profiling the characteristics of the new generations

It can be very difficult to understand and analyze the nuances and specific attributes within the scope of a generation. It is very tempting to view an entire generation with a very broad scope, blending together many smaller sub-groups and nuances that you have perhaps yet to discover and consider. This report serves to shed some light on the details and specific attributes within generation Z. This is accomplished through the aggregation and analysis of this generations’ specific characteristics, objectives, and challenges.

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A deeper demographical dive

We all already know that Generation Z are those born between the years 1990 and 2010, however how much deeper can be dive into this demographic analysis? Is there an equal gender distribution within generation Z? Can we determine any key trends in profession and income levels? There is a sharp difference in females and males within Generation Z. We can see in figure 1, there exists a roughly 80% female majority within generation Z. We can also isolate a definite increase in positive social media interaction and online conduct with a proactive focus, in the below figure 2. sentiment analysis Gender distribution As the maximum age of a member of generation Z is 22 years old, it is logical that this research has found the primary occupation to be a student. However, many of us would stop here and almost consider the entire generation to currently be a generation of students. This is not the case, many within generation Z are in fact teachers and photographers.  

Personality & interests

This research allows us to take a closer look and identify the personality characteristics commonly found within generation Z. Among many others identified within this research, two of which that stood out were the gen Zs’ tendency towards conscientiousness and agreeableness. Armed with this information we can begin to aggregate a more holistic perspective of the personality within generation Z members. We are able to at a glance infer that many members within generation Z have a conscientious focus and outlook on their surrounding environment, with a slight decrease in challenging and disruptive behavioral traits.   interests Without diving into some of the top and most impactful interests discovered within this research, as seen in the above figure 3, some more unexpected results indicate a sharp lack of interest in Business, Religion, News, and hobbies. This crucial insight allows for more accurate audience targeting and acquisition within generation Z.

Strategic Takeaways for your business

How do we reach generation Z and speak their language? The primary and key points of communication and resonation within generation Z are centered around self-care, personal motivation, personal development, travel, and conscientious consumption. This research has also identified a key area in which education and outreach would be very effective and beneficial. This would center around introducing generation Z to the world of business and fiscal responsibility, expanding key attributes valued without our society.  

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