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Audience Discovery brand - Kpi6 - Enhance Your Audience Discovery Strategy With Odience’s “Brands” Insight

Enhance Your Audience Discovery Strategy With Odience’s “Brands” Insight

Discover the numerous benefits of the new Ranking feature within the Odience dashboard.
Top Mentioned Brands” can assist you in making more well-informed decisions.

Understanding the importance of Brand intelligence 

In this constantly-evolving world of audience intelligence, understanding the correlation between brands and audience and grasping the relationship between brands and audience behavior has grown exponentially critical. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to deep dive into our latest feature: Top Mentioned Brands Ranking

This powerful tool offers a unique insight into the landscape of your audience’s brand preferences, highlighting the ties between brand mentions and consumer behavior. Recognizing which brands are frequently mentioned within your audience enables us to construct a more complete picture of their interests and affiliations.

It not only provides a peek into the shared identities of your audience but also aids in sculpting informed, tailored marketing strategies that resonate with their preferences. Therefore, brand mentions serve as key indicators in determining the voice, mood, and, most importantly, the engagement level of an audience.

How Brands ranking insight works

Understanding how to leverage this insight is straightforward and intuitive.

Start by navigating to the ‘Audience Analytics’ section of our platform. Then, head to the “Contents” tab. Here, you’ll find numerous valuable insights about your audience’s discussions designed to enlighten and empower your marketing efforts. Scroll down until you encounter our latest addition: the ‘Brands’ insight.

Explore Top Mentioned Brands

The ‘Brands’ feature provides a ranking of the top-mentioned brands among all users of your chosen audience. Utilizing the power of advanced text recognition, we identify and compile all brand mentions, distributing them throughout a comprehensive list of up to 50 brands. This data is then consolidated into a user-friendly ranking list.

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The Top Mentioned Brands ranking reveals the brands that come up the most frequently among your audience. This information allows you to understand what kind of brands represent the most potential for your audience, revealing which are the best representations of your audience’s passions.

Determine the Most relevant players of the market

In addition to understanding what kind of brands and product categories resonate within your audience, the ranking also enables you to establish the main competitors in your landscape according to your audience. Picking the right primary brand to push in your marketing campaigns can be the decisive factor in a successful advertising campaign.

Find Potential Basket of Goods

The Top Mentioned Brands ranking also exposes the potential “basket of goods” that aligns with your audience, allowing you to understand what specific product categories you should be focusing on. 

Don’t just limit your focus to your industry. Thanks to this ranking, you’ll never have to rely on your gut feeling to understand what kind of vehicles, or what styles of clothing your audience would appreciate. This will help you understand what car you should drive, or the perfect outfit for your testimonial within your next marketing campaign, or everything could catch your audience’s attention and complicity.

The results you deserve:

With Odience’s Top Mentioned Brands Ranking, you get access to critical information about the brands and products your audience is most interested in, as well as the identification of the most influential brand for your audience.

This assures that your marketing campaigns are tailored to appeal to your audience interests, resulting in increased conversions, higher ROI, and increased success of the marketing initiatives. 

Start using Odience today to get to know your audience, and take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns.

But this feature does more than just present the data; it allows you to understand at a glance the brand affinities of your audience and reveals the power players in your selected market. So, not only does it provide valuable insight into your audience’s preferences and behaviors, but it also addresses the competitive landscape of your industry.

With the Brands’ feature, you’ll have full control over the pulse of your audience and, by extension, your market.