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Dynamic Market Research and the Machine Learning Boutique product launch

Dynamic Market Research and the Machine Learning Boutique

A dynamic, real-time, non-solicited market research to understand new consumers’ insights. This is the KPI6 suite’s last frontier, ready to face the market with its quality data trainers community.

Every day we help large and small companies to get out of the crisis and to successfully live this new normal phase. We are sure we can do the same with you too, thanks to the many solutions and technologies suitable for this moment. Book a Demo to get a free hands-on demonstration of our platform.

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One thing we learned during the emergency we experienced is that the data world runs really fast and companies’ are hungry, they need to evolve continuously as their customers do. 

It’s been almost a year since we started to change our innovative startup, moving to the world of digital market research, turning our platform into a tool able to have insights, useful for the new consumer.

During the lockdown emergency, we have designed and fully realized most of our innovations that have helped us to reach the goal to be a Dynamic Market Research suite.

A new way of thinking and carrying out market research thanks to digital consumer intelligence technologies, in order to obtain insights that are updated in real-time, from unsolicited data sources, with a holistic and comparative approach between segments.

Real-time: Real-time insights on the market’s reactions to events, as they happen, using reliable and up-to-date data coming from the whole source world.

Unsolicited: The information can be various and can come from different sources, they can come directly from the consumer, or can be collected in an unsolicited way. The dynamic market research uses unsolicited, anonymized and aggregated data from a variety of sources. This data consists of user’s web conversations and user behavior including interests, patterns, hobbies, and preferences. It doesn’t use 1st party data, as the solicited data that comes directly from the user, like surveys.

Dynamic: This market research takes into account any kind of industry and brand, it anticipates hidden trends and upcoming opportunities using a holistic data approach, in order to make a comparison between different segments and audience.

The new KPI6 suite will be based on this new type of market research, with the inclusion of  important elements, like:

• The Reputation Index, that measures the perception that users have of a particular brand. It is made up of different data from different sources. Thanks to machine learning techniques, we will be built a classifier for each industry that will allow you to divide and label posts into different categories.

C-TI, that is a day-by-day indicator of Italian consumers’ trust, emotions and propensity to spend. A data-driven way out to overcome the Coronavirus emergency, powered together by PwC and KPI6. It can be a nation-by-nation index, with a focus on specific industries or an ultra-narrow drill down on specific brands.

Both of these elements and innovative tools were thought and realized thanks to the use of Machine Learning techniques, particularly Text classifier.

We have largely seen how the use of a text classifier is necessary for our analysis and monitoring. A neural network approach, like a machine learning classifier, works on a more abstract semantic level.

With machine learning, it is possible to train the classifier and make AI understand that that type of sentence has a positive sentiment or not. The accuracy is very high in semantic textual analysis, as a classifier of this type reads the whole, not every single weighted word.

An important solution to allow us to have a classifier that is the extension of the mind and hand of man, who is able to grasp the irony, the double negation, the feeling … just like a human being would do.

A classifier that could be useful in many situations, above all in the identification and classification of social media contents, where often the semantic meaning of a sentence can deceive a machine not trained with a neural approach.

Our Quality Data Trainer Community

Thanks to our experience in the use of data visualization tools (such as Data Studio), in the creation of a Custom Machine learning and in the prototyping and implementation of the new KPI6 suite, we have established ourselves in the creation of indices, starting from tagging, from labeling conversations.

An experience that has been consolidated, which has become an integral and fundamental part of our work, such as to create a real community of taggers: the Quality Data Trainers.

As always, our customers will have a finished product available, a  product ready to be consulted and put into action. A product built thanks to the work of our Quality Data Trainers.

Our will is to share our knowledge and our know-how, to grow new figures, to make our team more and more homogeneous. We are creating a new type of work, in order to create an elite of taggers for a machine learning boutique.

Our will is to create a community of quality data trainers and managers, ready to give real-time answers to the needs of our customers, through dynamic market research.

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