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From Covid 19 to Green Pass: an in-depth online analysis

From the arrival of the Coronavirus to the Green pass, through the awaited vaccines. We have seen (and lived) various stages of the pandemic, each of them marked by a great online buzz and by the reactions of Italians on the web. With this report we relive together the main moments of recent periods, analyzing online conversations, understanding how the consumption habits of Italians have changed and how the pandemic has affected the main industries of the economic Italian system.

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Coronavirus trends: The goal of the research

As you can easily imagine, thousands of contents have been posted about the Coronavirus on the web during all these months. We used our MarketEar AI to extract information on the conversations of Italian users regarding the Coronavirus topic and all its related issues. In particular, it was interesting to discover the characteristics of the Audience, from socio-demographic information to the consumption indices of all those users who talk about Coronavirus. Has the coronavirus only affected our health or even the economy as well? Obviously both. In fact, the analysis will end with a more vertical overview of changes in consumption indices in the various industries and institutions.

Coronavirus through the italian web eye

During the last year (from September 2020) we have detected almost 1 million of conversation through Italian social networks and the web, of people that used to talk about Covid19, using hashtags as #covid19, #zonarossa, #terapieintensive and many more. A very large number of contents,  posted by almost 200k users online. covid conversations In particular, analyzing the peak of conversations and the most used words and hashtags, we were able to identify 3 main trends during the time range, overlapped into the 3 most important moments of the pandemic: – the first Zona Rossa (Red Zone) during the final month of 2020; – the growth of the dead because of the virus during the first month of 2021 – the first opening and Zona Bianca (spring 2021), followed by the fear of the people to have to do with their freedom

How much do people talk online about vaccines?

During the month of March 2021, social media also started talking about vaccines, a very hot topic that continues to be talked about today. Throughout the period there were many peaks in conversation volumes, due to particular episodes about the first dose and the argue and debate among politics. vaccine online conversations Generally, the web sentiment on vaccines is mostly negative. Disapproval prevails linked to those who still do not want to get vaccinated, to the possible contagion that can derive from vaccinated people, and the fact that vaccines are still experimental. Anger is present among online users because of the terror imparted by newspaper articles, considered too pessimistic,  or by the media that do not respect people who have died from the vaccine. Another much-discussed issue is tourism, with much emphasis on vaccinations open to tourists, a symptom of a possible economic recovery in the country.

Zona Bianca & Green Pass

Coronavirus and all its arguments are topics that are much discussed by users on social networks. From the beginning to the end of the period, a negative feeling prevails towards online users. The Italian web user has been paralyzed by fear and has become more critical of politics. From the famous #celafaremo, a symptom of apparent union among all the Italian people, to criticism among citizens themselves who, tired of finding themselves in this situation, try to encourage everyone to respect the rules and not to let their guard down. The main categories of consumption, school, education and work, in general, have also undergone major changes which will have repercussions, both positive and negative, for the next periods. To get the complete report and have an even more detailed view on how people have talked about the green pass and vaccines or how covid has affected the main Italian industries, you can download it by clicking on the link below. With the KPI6 suite, you’ll have the opportunity to analyze and to find out what are the trends of the moment and to understand the needs of your client, according to the actuality that we are living. If you want to discover all the potential of our software you can book a demo and we’ll show you all of its potentials. Fill out the form to download your copy today.

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