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Consumer Data Stories: Consumer Trust & Automotive Industry

Consumer Data Stories, the new KPI6 format in which through video stories and pills we will address various issues related to the adtech, martech and market research world, bringing various case studies and practical success cases using our AI technologies. The second video pill will be about “Consumer Trust”.

How is it possible to monitor the level of consumer trust in the automotive sector and understand their purchase intentions?

CoronaVirus and Consumer Trust level

The mobility lockdown throughout Europe in recent months has caused a drop in car sales and above all a low propensity to use public transport. 

These and many others have been the effects that the Coronavirus has had on the automotive industry and on consumer habits. 

A trend that we at KPI6 were able to analyze through data. For this purpose, we have created the CTI automotive.

C-Trust Index Automotive

C-TI Automotive is an index for consumers, citizens and business understanding, in the New Normal context. C-TI is a daily indicator of Italian drivers’ confidence, emotions and propensity to spend.

An index created by the union of forces between the PwC expertise and KPI6 technologies. PwC and KPI6 have developed this index to understand sudden changes in consumer and citizen behavior, understood as positivity, sentiment and willingness to spend – by day. It resembles classic confidence indices but offers real-time insights, collected with a reliable and unsolicited methodology.

The C-TI automotive aims to understand the emotions of Italian drivers, the desire to buy different car models, use different purchasing methods, adopt new mobility behaviors within the New Normal scenario.

Do you want to discover our analysis?

Download the form and watch the complete video (ITA version) where, step by step, we will explain how consumer trust in the automotive sector has evolved.


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