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Addressable TV

Consumer Data Stories: Addressable TV & X Factor audience

Consumer Data Stories, the new KPI6 format in which through video stories and pills we will address various issues related to the adtech, martech and market research world, bringing various case studies and practical success cases using our AI technologies. The first video pill will be about “Addressable TV”.

How can we discover the interests of an audience of a television format, to activate an addressable advertising tv strategy?

Addressable TV and customized ads

Addressable TV allows you to create addressable advertisements on TV based on audience characteristics, as happens on the Web.
To fight the competition from online advertising and on-demand TV, television companies are planning a type of advertising tailored to the habits and interests of viewers.

So, how does Addressable Advertising work? Television networks and providers collect data from the Internet while we browse (using smartphones, computers, tablets …) to combine them with those relating to set-top boxes, i.e. the electronic tools that add some functions to our televisions, such as Google Chromecast.
In this way, advertising that matches their interests will be offered to the viewer.
Addressable Advertising, which works through the information collected through Big data, will allow the receipt of a more relevant and therefore more effective message.
The great giants of national and international entertainment (from Sky to Mediaset, from Discovery to NBC) have already started offering personalized advertisements.

X Factor Audience Interests for Addressable TV

What is Addressable TV based on? On the study of the audience of interest of particular television content.

We studied the web audience of a particular international TV show, also very popular in Italy: X-Factor. It has become a reference point for families, young people, adults and above all aspiring pop stars.

Using market research, consumer intelligence technologies and AI algorithms, we listened to and monitored the volumes of web conversation on the edition currently on-air and profiled the audience.

We have collected interesting data and insights for entertainment companies, but also for brands that want to place their products in advertising slots.

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