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#CES 2019: monitoring the Global Stage for Innovation

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show, started in 1967) is one of the most important fairs in the world for consumer electronics and technology, where the most innovative – and original – ideas that can revolutionize the market (both in the present and in the future) are presented. This year’s edition was held in Las Vegas from January 8th to 11th and hosted next-generation projects and products realized by world-famous companies and start-ups. The sectors? All.

“As the largest hands-on event of its kind, CES features all aspects of the industry. Owned and produced by the (CTA)™, it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers. CES 2019 is expecting more than 55,000 international attendees.” … “With more than 4,500 exhibiting companies and exhibit space of more than 2.9 million net square feet, CES 2019 welcomed the world’s biggest companies in addition to hosting more than 1,200 startups at the Eureka Park Marketplace. More than 188,000 industry professionals, including more than 63,000 from outside the U.S., convened in Las Vegas to drive the ever-evolving global technology industry forward.” (CES)

What is the CES?

The CES is not open to the public but only to members within the consumer technology industry. But a similar event has so very much to say, that we were wondering if it could tell us in advance the best consumer devices we will crave for in 2019, specifically in the fields of smartworld, smartphones and automotive.

So, how can we understand how the outside world has reacted to all of that?

Monitoring innovation

During the last years, communication has shifted more and more from the descriptive level to the level of image, which has become the main vehicle of personal sharing and expression, together with videos.

Starting from this concept and looking for the final user’s response to the event and novelty, we identified Twitter and Instagram as the most suitable channels to provide us a detailed picture of the public through its reaction and emotional response, as long as their possible influences in the market of 2019 and on.

How? We chose to portray the three most interesting areas through the most engaging images on Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s start with Twitter. With this focus in mind, we identified only the images that were paired with English text, and then we applied a filter to help us identify the key content of our research:

So, from over 4.8M conversations about the event, we extracted 21,422 tweets and 49,499 retweets coming from 8,340 users, starting from December 16th. The event, which began on December 7th and ended on December 11th, created 9,387 tweets and 20,588 retweets from 4,469 users.

As with Instagram contents, we used a completely different approach to achieve the same goal. That was partially due to the peculiar nature of the social medium. Our platform, thanks to a special algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence, allows us to identify both the keywords written in text and the ones we found thanks to Image Recognition (which means, we can create keywords starting from the recognition of objects in images!).

The results have been different both in the volumes and in the focus identified for #CES2019. In the last 31 days, 15,662 posts were created by 8,587 users, and on the whole they received 4,554,496 likes and 129,230 comments.

The query we used was the following:

#ces2019 OR #ces2019vegas OR #ces2019innovationawards OR #2019ces

The top words we identified for the event were of course all related to the event itself, so they help us put the first spotlights on the macroareas we decided to analyze.

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Smart – world

Let’s start with a premise. In recent years, the word “smart” has replaced the word “future” in a predominant way, without giving a precise connotation of which market field one should use it in. “Smart” is used to talk about everything.

This is the confirmation that we are in the midst of a generational change where the future, the impact on people and the quality of life are a fundamental key. In fact, most of the people who used the word “smart” were talking about home automation.

Starting from a wide-ranging analysis on Twitter, “smart” is the first word that is not directly related to the show and which is generally connected to tech instead.

By creating a general filter on the macro-area, we have identified that the association with the word “home” is not only the first but it is also significantly distanced from all the other possible derivations, with 1,274 dedicated posts and 1,634 retweets generated by 854 people.

Through the filter:

“smart home” OR “smarthome” OR “smarthomes” OR “smart homes”

we identified 1,905 tweets from 2,518 users with a very positive sentiment:

The response of home automation is high and goes from gadgets that “help” to real security systems or air control. Not to forget the “washing machine that dries and irons in 5 minutes” and the “oven that cooks on its own”.

As for the Instagram analysis, of course the reference keys were not usable for image recognition. But even here, the top hashtag, combined with the top like reports as smarthome (the third position of interest on the keyword “smart”) showed us the washing machine that does everything, allowing us to eliminate most of the tedious household chores (and the most expensive ones in terms of energy), with more than 1.2 million likes on the post of 9gag. By the way, should you be interested, it 0s called Foldimate.

All those tasks that can be managed with automation seem to be the focus of technological innovations in this area.

The smart world, however, offers many other points of interest that are always related to the end user but also in the areas of health, 5G, smart cities, and personal care.


The second macro-area we found does not drift away from the “smart” world: it is the smartphone market.

Which mobile device are you going to buy, or to put on your shopping list, this year? We have to add another keyword to pinpoint our subject on Twitter:

“smartphone OR mobile OR phone”

In this new area, we found 1,711 Tweets and 5,352 retweets by 1,099 users

The new frontier of smartphones has already overtook the desktop world, but it seems that the two parts are looking for a compromise. There is a technology that has captured the attention of the tech early adopters: the foldable phone Royale FlexPai, which boasted 192 dedicated posts and the highest rank of likes and retweets. The Lenovo bendable phone was really appreciated, too.

The second innovation area that has attracted attention in terms of reactions, but also with the top words, is definitely the Crypto wallet with blockchain Ledger Nano X: we are speaking about Bluetooth devices or dedicated phones like the Pundi X.

The VR, in its different declinations, attracts interest. Notable examples are the Dell mobile connect, augmented reality glasses, the new Shure’s MV88 kit that allows you to turn your phone into a portable recording studio or apps that have been successful, such as the one dedicated to hairstyle or innovative earbound.

Instagram tells a completely different story, since we found no mentions for smartphones in the top hashtags, nor there were in the top image recognition words. So we had to filter by

smartphone OR mobile OR phone

to find out numbers and reactions. 875 posts from 614 users generated 165,910 likes and 3,479 comments and confirmed us that the foldable phone is the new “phone to have”. Also, the gaming features claim interest in the mobile world thanks to the Nubia Red Magic.


#CES2019 on Instagram, using both the image feed and our Instagram Image Recognition tool, gives us a different picture of the volumes and, more importantly, of the focus.

The result is that vehicles and electronics are the most discussed topics on Instagram, along with gaming (here, the response is stronger than Twitter, in particular about @nvidia). The instagram response was important for cars but there are other interesting categories. Harley Davidson, for example, is marking the beginning of a new road with its first electric bike, following the green awakening that is hugely affecting car manufacturers. Even drones are contributing to put them in the limelight.

The results on the top hashtag with the filter

“car” OR “motor vehicle” OR “automotive design” OR  “vehicle”

gives us 1,846 post from 1,175 users, with 819,002 Likes and 9,079 Comments. When we focused on vehicles images, with the filter

image_label:”car” OR image_label:”motor vehicle” OR image_label:”automotive design” OR  image_label:”vehicle”

the numbers are still important: 1,161 post from 913 users, 297,443 likes and 4,781 comments.

BMW Visionnext is the car with the highest engagement; the Ducati accident radar follows in the image recognition world, confirmed also in the top hashtags. Mercedes-Benz, albeit with another model (the CLA 250 Coupé) owns the 2 most liked Instagram car-related posts of the entire event.

But let’s turn back to Twitter to find out a new focus to cars with the filter:

“car” OR “cars” OR vehicle OR automotive

which displayed a total amount of 1,148 tweets and 2,755 retweets by 2,755 users.

The most engaging posts? If you want to buy a motorbike this is the one! Harley Davidson seems to be the top of the #CES2019 in the vehicles category.

Device security seems to be another great focus, since it revolves around near-future technology; some of the most interesting new features are automate driving, backseat drivers, pedestrian security and superscreen vehicles (not without a bit of irony), phone sync and VR.

The people

In the Twitter graph we can see brands and blogs but we’ve chosen to show you the people who contributed to make a success out of this event, making consumers around the world know about it.

Who are those people? For Twitter Tech, we can see digital influencer as:

  •  Evan Kirstel, a top-level digital consultant;
  • Jim Harris, the famous author in innovation;
  • Richard Tehrani; CEO of TMC;
  • Mike Feibusthe digital health analyst/influencer, who retweeted us all the news and the most exciting moments of the event.

But on Instagram, brands are the real leaders: 9gag wins thanks to the laundry’s post but also smtown, mercedesbendz, harleydavidson are the kings of likes and commentsFoo Fighters own the best event engagement.

Funfact: if you want to use new technologies to steal a car, you’ll be interested in Jean-Baptiste Lefevre’s tweet.

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