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BrandX – the Reputation Index

KPI6 continues to launch a revolutionary product that will disrupt traditional market research methodologies. It’s up to the Reputation Index, a part of the BrandX Suite, that will measure the perception that users have about a particular brand.

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It’s been almost a year since we started to evolve our innovative startup, moving to the world of digital market research, turning our platform into a tool that is able to have useful insights to reach the new consumer.

During the lockdown emergency, we have designed, briefed, and fully realized most of our innovations!  Strengthened by the work of these months, we decided to launch Brand X.

Brand X is a new product within the KPI6 suite that will serve as a global benchmark for analyzing a brand based on different variables, which may be the level of reputation, the trust perceived by consumers and citizens too, advocacy level about their best products.

Through a long process of design thinking, we have come to the definition of a new product composed by 3 main part:

Reputation Index: how a specific brand is perceived on certain issues, such as corporate social responsibility, product, corporate governance and its level and degree of innovation;

C-TI, where C means Citizens, Consumer and Corporate. Three perceptions of the level of trust within a single index;

Advocacy, in order to understand how influential your products could be in some sectors.

What the Reputation Index is?

The Reputation Index is a part of KPI6’s suite that measures the perception that users have of a particular brand. It is a variable index over time, as it allows us to measure the variation in perception day by day through crossing different data sources.

It is, in fact, multidimensional: it measures the perceived about certain dimensions such as product quality, company policies, sustainability and CSR policies and the financial situation.

Another feature of the Reputation Index is its relativity: this index is related to its competitors. It does not show absolute values but it is based on the perception of the brand compared to similar brands within its own industry.

As said before, the Reputation Index is made up of different data from different sources, in order to calculate a multidimensional index. This data comes from:

• Social Post

• Reviews of companies

• Job offers

• Product review

• News and Finance Articles

In particular, our focus is on the analysis of social media contents, which represent the largest part of the index. Thanks to machine learning techniques, we will be built  a classifier for each industry, that will allow you to divide and label posts into different categories:

Product: posts that talk about the product and all intangible services such as customer care and support, product/service quality or product/service judgment, after-sales, price perception, advice and chatting on the product, product/service comparisons.

Governance: posts commenting on external and internal company policies, comments to CEOs, boards and management, partnerships, collaborations, events.

CSR: posts concerning sustainability choices, scandals, geopolitics, environment, cultural, sporting, art etc.

Innovation: Posts that propose new ideas about a product or that want to review a certain product.

Once the posts in those categories are separated, it will be applied to a sentiment analysis algorithm that will assign a value to each post. We, therefore, shape the perceived as a negative, neutral or positive judgment with respect to what we are talking about.

Which technologies is Reputation index based on?

Within each of these analyzes, it was used the principal Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, typical of digital consumer intelligence, from sentiment and emotion analysis to the use of automatic text classifiers, capable of reading, understanding the semantic level of sentences, assign meanings and classify by label.

From platform to suite

Our ambition is to move from an all-in-one platform to a suite of vertical solutions, each one with its own specific solutions and features,  to provide a daily and complete monitoring to various areas and niches of your brand and your competitors, all based on the true strength of our algorithm, that is to be able to classify conversations in real-time, for each topic, every brand, and every industry.

A suite that will not only allow you to have a complete overview of your brand and the competitive scenario but which will lead KPI6 to become a real SSO suite, which can be used for various use cases and goals.

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