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Brand X - the new product of KPI6 suite

BrandX – the new product of KPI6 suite

KPI6 continues its path of innovation and transformation by adding a further step: the launch of BrandX, the new revolutionary product that will disrupt traditional market research methodologies, allowing you to analyze your brand and your competitors on a world benchmark.

One thing we learned for sure in the years and during the emergency we experienced is that the data world runs really fast and companies’ are hungry, they need to evolve continuously as their customers.  It’s been almost a year since we started to evolve our innovative startup, moving to the world of digital market research.

First of all, we understood that our focus on audiences was no more enough. KPI6 has always been one step ahead in its ability to understand people, clusters, influencers, and companies’ needs. Talking to our customers, corporates, agencies, and brands, we found out a lot of unresolved questions.

The way to answer it was to turn our platform into a new digital consumer intelligence tool able to revolutionize the market research field.

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Since then, our bright transformation has never stopped.

Throughout this year, we have introduced a series of innovations that have amplified and made our platform more and more performing. Some of them can surely be: 

Polygons, the first tool to compare clusters and to make a customer segmentation and comparison;

Research Audience, the new AI feature in Analytics, bringing the audience analysis into the listening environment;

Custom Machine Learning, an Auto-ML system that offers the customer a new method to filter and enrich the posts of research through personalized labels.

And not only! Most of these works have been devised, designed, briefed, and fully realized in lockdown! So yes..we can say that we work well under pressure!

The result of the work done during the lockdown is the creation, in collaboration with PwC, of the proprietary algorithm that allowed us to create CTI – Consumer Trust Index ®, an index capable of monitoring consumer confidence in a specific sector/industry, with the possibility of further investigating insights on individual brands monitored by the Index.

But we didn’t stop there! Strengthened by the work of these months (without ever abandoning that continuous desire to go further and always offering the best solution to our customers) we decided to launch BrandX.

What’s BrandX by KPI6?

Brand X is a new product within the KPI6 suite that will serve as a global benchmark for analyzing a brand based on different variables, which may be the level of reputation, the trust perceived by consumers and citizens to, advocacy level about their best products. The product falls within the market research segment and it finds its strength on unsolicited data.

In particular, what is the new element of Brand X compared to the other KPI6 products? It is certainly to sublimate a series of actions that were carried out in the app, within a single interface, convenient for the customer, easy to read, with analyzes prepared in advance by our team of research analysts.

Through a long process of design thinking that involved all the company departments (sales, marketing, developer) and through the very important customer feedback, we have come to the definition of a new product, which will shift the complexity from the user to the machine.

It is not just about new user experience or process simplification, but it’s about a new product that will be centered on a use case, allowing you to get information about a brand and that of competitors, through the indices that have the complexity of our technologies.

How is BrandX composed?

How is this new product made? It is mainly made by 3 areas, each of one allows you to define a part of brand perception:

• Reputation Index: how a specific brand is perceived on certain issues, such as corporate social responsibility, product, corporate governance and its level and degree of innovation;

• C-TI, where C means Citizens, Consumer and Corporate. Three perceptions of the level of trust within a single index;

• Advocacy, in order to understand how influential your products could be in some sectors.

Which technologies is BrandX based on?

Within each of these analyzes and indices, it was used the principal Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, typical of digital consumer intelligence, from sentiment and emotion analysis to the use of automatic text classifiers, capable of reading, understand the semantic level of sentences, assign meanings and classify by label.

From platform to suite

Our ambition is to move from an all-in-one platform to a suite of vertical solutions, each one with its own specific solutions and features,  to provide a daily and complete monitoring to various areas and niches of your brand and your competitors, all based on the true strength of our algorithm, that is to be able to classify conversations in real-time, for each topic, every brand, and every industry.

A set of tools that will not only allow you to have a complete overview of your brand and the competitive scenario but which will lead KPI6 to become a real SSO suite, which can be used for various use cases and goals.

Would you like to know how a Digital Consumer Intelligence approach can help your Business?

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