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Beer online perception and female consumers

Beer online perception and female consumers

With this research KPI6, through its platform that allows analyzing opinions and market trends, highlights the main conversations about beer with particular regard to the evolution of the relationship between beer and women.

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Online conversations about beer

Beer is a topic close to everyone’s heart, as demonstrated by the number of posts and the engagement rate found in our analysis: more than 33k posts with an average engagement rate of 6.5%.

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As far as emotions are concerned, what emerges from our analysis is a balance between negative and positive: in support of the latter we have Eurovision which, thanks to commercials, makes people want to enjoy a nice cold beer. 

On the other hand, with regard to the most used topics and hashtags, we note that users still prefer to enjoy their beer at home with a pizza (second trending topic), perhaps in the company of the Eurovision Song Contest, being the most used hashtag after “beer”, overcoming the more canonical combination ‘beer-sport’.

Topic Word CloudTop Hashtag

Women and beer’s History

Contrary to what many may think, evidences show that beer was born from the hands of a woman who, in 4500 BC in Mesopotamia, abandoning a bowl of barley as a propitiatory gift to the gods, resisting to rain and then being warmed by the sun, began to ferment unconsciously giving life to one of the most loved and popular beverages of the world.

Profiling of female consumers

The data that we will see refer to a sample of female users who have expressed, within their content, the intention or desire to consume a beer.

What we can see from the analysis is that the women most likely to consume beer are young and with an age between 25-34 years old, demonstrating the fact that a new market niche is being created and companies are moving in this regard to grab this growing slice.

Woman's average Age Beer consumption

Their favorite time to drink beer is during dinner, maybe in front of their favorite TV program. In contrast to the global analysis, the sentiment is mostly positive, dispelling the old myth according to which beer is appreciated more by men.

Tone of Voice Women about beer


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