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Introducing AffiniTV: contextual targeting into KPI6 suite

KPI6 continues its path of innovation adding a new important disruptive product: AffiniTV, the new solution of contextual targeting developed to create a media product for both television and digital advertising.

A new product for Contextual Targeting

In the last year KPI6 has changed, it has evolved, fully embracing the concept of digital consumer intelligence and market research, transforming itself from a platform to a suite of products capable of satisfying each a different use case:

MarketEar: media listening and web monitoring

LookAlike: audience profiling and segmentation

ClassiFire: custom machine learning and conversation classification

MeshBoard: empowering data with Business Intelligence

BrandX: brand reputation and perception
A new product is coming within the KPI6 suite, a product capable of helping brands, publishers and media agencies to better position their products within television schedules: AffiniTV

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AffiniTV as a contextual targeting solution

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. In context targeting, advertising media are controlled on the basis of the content of a website using linguistic elements. The advertisements themselves are selected and served by automated systems based on the context of what a user is looking at.

What we would like to do with AffiniTV is to propose a contextual analysis of the target for advertising planning on TV, creating an affinity index that is also a safety index that will make sure that all ads will appear only in a positive and safe context for the brand.

Advantages for brands, publishers and media agencies

AffiniTV could be a  versatile opportunity both for those who want to position their products within a niche of users, both for those involved in publishing editorial content and for media agencies.

  • AffiniTV will make help the brand in ensuring the relevance of their advertising, having a much better impact on targeted consumers, with different creativity for each different consumer audience interest, in a positive and safe context for the brand.
  • Publisher’s Inventory will be enriched by the qualitative and real-time information on the audience and context of the program, maximizing the branded content’s ability to engage and influence consumers.
  • The cookie-less approach of AffiniTV can play an important role in the competitive advantage and differentiation of the media agency, above all in tendering phase.

How AffiniTV works

Schermata 2021 04 29 alle 11.35.37 - Kpi6 - Introducing AffiniTV: contextual targeting into KPI6 suite
AffiniTV Workflow

How is it possible to compare the audiences of a brand with those of television programs in order to know the touchpoints with the audience or TV show suitable for your brand?

Following the steps of digital market research:

  • Step 1: identification of user-generated content on the brand and on the TV program.
  • Step 2: segmentation of the collected data in order to create two clusters of users (one for the brand, and one for the show).
  • Step 3: through our AI technology we can build clusters based on demographics, behavioral and psychographic characteristics.
  • Step 4: Once the audiences have been created Polygons can calculate the affinity index of that target audience comparing it to the audiences of our television program inventory.
Schermata 2021 04 29 alle 11.56.41 - Kpi6 - Introducing AffiniTV: contextual targeting into KPI6 suite

The result is an affinity index  elaborated by the overlapping of the characteristics identified during the audience clusterization phase. In the example below, we can see as the two audience share a particular interest in travelling, and sport (especially football and basketball).

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