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How yo avoid advertising budget waste

3 reasons to supercharge your Facebook Business Manager campaigns with Odience targeting

Take your audience intelligence to the next level and effectively reach the right audience with precision and innovation, while also minimizing budget waste and maximizing your social advertising impact.

A step forward to our “Planning by Topic” within your Facebook Business Manager

The marketing world is moving at warp speed, and targeting in a ID-less and cookieless way is the new hotshot! It’s all about reaching users effectively without invading their privacy.

That’s where Odience comes in – guiding today’s and tomorrow’s marketers towards a future of precision, efficiency, flexibility, and most importantly, respecting users’ privacy. We’re taking a step forward into what we call “planning by topic,” using the power of recent conversations to create a kickass audience that’s already interested in what you’ll be dishing out with your ads!

So, get ready to level up your targeting game with Odience’s cookieless and IDless magic. It’s time to hit the bullseye with ads that truly connect. Cheers to a whole new era of marketing!

Tackling Budget Waste: Every Advertiser’s Nightmare

As seasoned marketers, we know how crucial it is to reach the right audience with our Facebook Business Manager campaigns on Meta. Unfortunately, wasting budget on ads that end up in the wrong hands is a common problem. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 61% of social media campaign fail to reach their desired target, including those on Facebook. And to add on to the frustration, 57% of companies miss their conversion goals.

Facebook Business Manager on Meta does offer plenty of targeting options, but if your audience data isn’t accurate or up-to-date, your ads might easily land in front of disinterested or mismatched people. This leads to significant budget waste and negative impacts on campaign performance.

The Solution: Facebook Audience Upload on your Business Manager!

But hey, we’ve got some fantastic news to share: we’re introducing Facebook Audience Upload! It’s a new feature that will supercharge your targeting on Facebook Business Manager on Meta, ensuring your ads reach only the right people and maximize the ROI of your social ad endeavors.

With Facebook Audience Upload, you can directly load audience data from Odience into Facebook Business Manager, mirroring all the traits and nuances of your audiences in a new draft campaign. This unparalleled integration allows you to fully unleash the potential of your ad campaigns, avoiding budget leaks, and magnifying your marketing success by reaching those who genuinely care about your products or services.

How it Works: Hitting the Bullseye in a Few Easy Steps!

Using Facebook Audience Upload is a piece of cake. Here’s how it’s done:

  •  Head to the “Activation” section of Odience and select the integration for Facebook Business Manager.
  • At this point, you’ll need to make a choice based on the type of audience you want to reach.
    • If you’re looking for a narrower and more focused segmentation, you can select the option to create a CSV file containing all the Odience insights related to the most representative segment, which is your Audience Persona.
    • Alternatively, if you prefer a slightly broader segmentation, you can opt for the data that pertains to the entire Odience audience.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll receive a ready-to-upload CSV file. Access your Facebook Business Manager, and within the Ad Management panel, you’ll find the dedicated audience upload function.
  • Simply upload the CSV file using the dedicated function, and voilà! You’ll find a new draft campaign, ready to be completed and launched.

For further information, please refer to the official Facebook guide.

Why Our Targeting is Top-Notch:

We’ve built Facebook Audience Upload to give you a one-of-a-kind competitive edge in your marketing strategy. Here’s why our targeting reigns supreme and leads to exceptional results:

Time savings: 

Forget the tedious task of manually creating targeting settings for your campaign. With Facebook Audience Upload, you instantly get an optimized audience without lifting a finger. This lets you focus on other crucial aspects of your marketing strategy, saving you valuable time.

Always Fresh Audiences:

Our targeting relies on Odience segments sourced from recent user data collected from multiple sources. This ensures unique freshness in audience data, letting you reach users with up-to-date opinions and interests. Speedy changes in user preferences are crucial, and we provide you with “fresh” audiences that genuinely matter.

Bullseye Precision: 

Our targeting methodology cleverly combines entities and thresholds, offering an audience that’s incredibly unique and original for each of your segments. This precision helps you spot the subtle nuances that spell success for a campaign, ensuring you reach the most relevant audience for your objectives.

Get Ready to Shake Things Up!

As Albert Einstein once said, “To get different results, you must do different things.” That’s why we believe our targeting can truly rev up your campaign performance. We’ve crafted this game-changing solution with one goal in mind – to help you achieve better results, without any waste, by embracing innovative approaches for success.

Embracing the MadTech Journey

Feature per il lancio di campagne su business manager tramite upload del targeting di Odience