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Consumer Data Stories: Who are the new online investors after the GameStop case?

Consumer Data Stories, the new KPI6 format in which through video stories and pills we will address various issues related to the adtech, martech and market research world, bringing various case studies and practical success cases using our AI technologies. The next video pill will be about “the New Online Investor”.

Analyzing a niche of consumers starting from current news: the new online investor, the memestock traders and the “Game Stop” case.

Reddit VS Wall Street: the revolution of online traders

Reddit is the platform from which the Gamestop case was originated, an American video game store chain on the verge of a crisis that, in recent weeks, has seen the value of its shares skyrocket on Wall Street thanks to the influence of an army of small investors; a forum, indeed, a set of specialized forums in which users talk to each other with the typical codes of the best-known social networks.

In January 2021, forum Redditors started buying GameStop shares via online brokerage apps at zero commissions. The grain soon became an avalanche that overwhelmed speculators who bet on the fall of the stock and destabilized the market.

A very interesting analysis to understand both the volumes involved by this phenomenon and to outline a profile of these new investors

Ready to know the “To the Moon Audience” and discover how to engage the new online investors?

Download the form and watch the complete video (ITA version) where, step by step, we will explain how to discover this market niche and profile it, knowing its main interests and characteristics.